how the continuity score is calculated. What years of service can be evaluated?

For the assessment of the continuity score, only the years of continuous service with ownership in the school are considered, therefore no pre-role service

A reader writes to us:

I am a teacher and I am filling out the transfer application for the school sec. of l degree. I have been in the same school for 11 years in a row, only the first year (2009/10) I had a fixed-term contract, the second year (2010/11) the role with temporary office and the third year (2011/12) the role with ownership. I have to enter the number of years relating to the continuous service. Do I have to enter 11, 10, or 9 years in box 4 of the transfer application, i.e. only from the year in which I had the ownership?

The continuity score falls within those provided in the assessment table attached to the CCNI on mobility. Specifically, this is table A1 – Seniority of service, where in letter C) the score for continuity in the school of ownership is provided:

“C) for the permanent service provided without solution of continuity in the last three school years in the school of current ownership or of a previous three-year assignment from the field or in the service school for former holders of Organic Support Equipment (DOS) in secondary school second degree and for teachers of Catholic religion (5) (in addition to that provided for in letters A), A1), B), B1), B2), (NB: for office transfers see also the note 5 bis) ……… ..Points 6

For each additional year of service:

within the five-year period ………………………………………………………… ..Points 2

over the five-year period ……………………………………………………….. Points 3

for the service provided in the small islands the score is doubled

For the continuity score, therefore, 2 points are due each year within the five-year period and 3 points for each year following the fifth. For mobility it is possible to evaluate the score only after having completed the three-year period, while for the internal ranking of the institute it is sufficient to have completed only one year

The continuity score is evaluated only in the school of ownership

The continuity score is assessed only for the continuous service carried out in the school owned by the school as titular teachers, therefore it is not possible to evaluate the pre-role service carried out in the same school or the service carried out in the school as a temporary location and not owned by the owner.


Our reader, therefore, will be able to evaluate 9 years of continuity from the 2011/12 school year, the year in which she becomes a holder in the school, up to the 2019/20 school year, as the current year is not evaluated

It is therefore entitled to 2 × 5 = 10 points + 4 × 3 = 12 points, for a total of 22 points of continuity

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