The parish priest of Bonassola: “If I can’t bless gay couples, I don’t even bless the palms” | VIDEO

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March 29, 2021

The parish priest of Bonassola has decided to protest against the Holy See for the no to blessings for homosexual couples. “I think this prohibition is absurd,” said Don Giulio. Whether priests were divided on whether or not to bless same-sex unions, we at Le Iene had already seen it with Alessandro Di Sarno

If I can’t bless same-sex couples, then I don’t bless palm trees and olive branches either.“. The sensational protest against the Vatican’s decision to prevent the blessing for gay couples comes from a priest: the parish priest of Bonassola, don Giulio, he openly took sides against the indication of the Holy See.

Let’s go in order. A few weeks ago the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the official body of the Vatican charged with promoting and protecting the doctrine of the Catholic Church, established that it is not possible to give blessings to same-sex couples.

A choice though it was not well received by all priests: Sunday 28 March, celebration of Palm Sunday, the parish priest of Bonassola staged a particular protest. “If I can’t bless same-sex couples, then I don’t bless palm trees and olive branches either”, Don Giulio declared, not new to initiatives that cause discussion.

The priest explained that the blessing of the Palms is “connected to the procession in memory of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Not being able to do this procession, due to the anti-Covid rules, I personally think it makes no sense to bless the Palms “. And then he added: “But then I’m extremely happy that this decision of mine do not bless the palms and olive trees take place a few days after the publication of the document of the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith “.

In short, for Don Giulio it was “a form of protest through which to manifest my belief that this prohibition is absurd reaffirmed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In the church everything is blessed, not only the palm trees but sometimes, unfortunately, weapons were also blessed, But you cannot bless true love and sincere of two people because homosexuals. But, even more serious, is the fact that their love continues to be called “sin” ”. A harsh indictment of the Church, to which he then added: “It is certainly not homosexual people who lose out, who can easily do without the blessing of the Church, because in the meantime there is God to bless them. Rather, the Church loses”.

In short, the decision of the Holy See certainly did not find unanimous consent. And that there was a diversity of views on the subject within the Church we also noticed it in Le Iene with our Alessandro Di Sarno. La Iena, in the aftermath of Pope Francis’ opening declarations to homosexual families, he had wondered if even priests thought like the Pontiff.

To understand it pretended to have joined civilly with a man and he went to various parishes not to ask the parish priests for their marriage union, since he knows well that it is not recognized by the Church but to ask some priests, simply, to bless their love. Out of a dozen priests met, two seemed willing to bless them. You can review the report by Alessandro Di Sarno above.

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