“Green pass to avoid closures and protect freedom”

05 August 2021 21:44

Bianchi: “Almost 2 billion for the reopening of schools in September”

“The school – recalled the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza – is a fundamental factor of society: the goal is to reopen in safety and presence. There is a radical difference compared to the past, all the studies in the world agree in the to say that vaccines are effective and safe, the government’s appeal is to continue on this path to open a truly different season “.

Bianchi: “Dad only for specific cases, not entire regions”

The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi stressed that “it will be possible to derogate from the lessons in presence only in exceptional cases and” in any case only on the specific case, no longer on the entire regional territory “.

“Almost 2 billion for the reopening of schools in September”

“This measure – continued Bianchi – was accompanied by a long action by the ministry, which began in May. We are investing almost 2 billion for the reopening”. In article 1 of the dl it is emphasized “with solemnity”, the return in presence “to ensure the return to school as a community”. At point 2 the safety rules are given: they are those that the Cts gave us: it is mandatory to use masks, except for children under the age of 6 and for carrying out sports activities. Respecting a distance of 1 meter is recommended where possible.

League satisfied for salivary testing at school “Saliva tests in schools and swabs for minors for 8 euros are good. The League is satisfied. The principles of prudence and reasoning are respected”. Thus sources of the League at the end of the Council of Ministers on the new decree on the Green pass.


Green pass avoid closures protect freedom

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