threats and negative reviews to those who ask for the green pass –

threats and negative reviews to those who ask for the green pass –
threats and negative reviews to those who ask for the green pass –
from Claudio Del Frate

Numerous reports, in Lecce the Digos has opened an investigation following a complaint. And those who displayed signs calling for compliance with the law were persuaded to remove them

In Lecce he had to intervene directly the Digos which has opened an investigation after a restaurateur was run over by a rain of threats and insults only for announcing that he will obey the law and let only customers with the green pass enter his restaurant. But throughout Italy, from Milan to Sicily and Sardinia, there are reports and testimonies of owners of premises in these hours that have become the target of a guerrilla warfare by the no vax: the latter announce fire reviews on sites like Tripadvisor against restaurants that will only admit vaccinated people or switch to quicker methods by calling directly to the owner by insulting and announcing retaliation.

One of the first to end up at the center of this strategy was a restaurateur from Zollino, in the province of Lecce: on his Facebook page he had invited those who were refractory to the vaccine not to show up in his restaurant. Since then he has been showered with euphemistically negative comments (one of them read: Dishonors the land of Puglia, I’ll be careful not to refer it to anyone who might be in those parts. Bad service, unpleasant, inadequate prices for barely edible food. To be avoided absolutely) who have it convinced to delete the post. But at the same time as filing a police report. Also in Puglia a similar fate befell two restaurateurs from Bari and Mola who had posted the invitation to customers to present the green pass at the entrance.

Didn’t get better at Milano to the owner of a well-known restaurant in Porta Ticinese, Tasca. He too had posted the notice a obtain a certificate to sit at the tables. Result: insults and threats arrived via social media, wishes for death and failure. To these must be added the calls of the same tone arriving on his phone. My wife was scared, me I think about protecting her and my three daughters commented the owner. Yes convinced to remove the signpro vax.

As mentioned, the identical attack plan in all regions of Italy: aggression via social media directly on restaurant profiles and denigration on specialized sites through reviews as bad as they are. A Palermo it was the turn of the owner of the Prospero wine shop who welcomed customers with this sign: We have always been open to all genders, all ages, dogs, unicorns and hobbits. From today no vax, no drink. We will ask you for certification attesting to the vaccination (the first dose is fine too). Even a local owner of Sassari he shared on Facebook the experience that touched both him directly and his colleagues.

A spontaneous anger that arises where the opportunity arises? Explanation not entirely exhaustive. A group Telegram that matters beyond 30,000 users spreads the names of restaurants, pubs, bars that declare their adherence to the law and invites everyone to target them with reviews that make them collapse the reputation.

August 5, 2021 (change August 5, 2021 | 20:41)


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