Piaggio, from 2022 motorcycles and scooters with ARAS systems to offer more safety

Piaggio, from 2022 motorcycles and scooters with ARAS systems to offer more safety
Piaggio, from 2022 motorcycles and scooters with ARAS systems to offer more safety

Technology makes two wheels safer. From 2022, the Piaggio Group motorcycles and scooters will be able to have advanced ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems) systems that play a fundamental role in accident prevention and in protecting motorcyclists.

In fact, Piaggio Fast Forward, a Boston-based Piaggio Group robotics company that develops technologies for intelligent tracking and the implementation of artificial intelligence in robots (such as Gita and Kilo unveiled a few years ago), has announced the development of its new sensor technology intended to be implemented on robots for domestic and industrial use, as well as on scooters and motorcycles.

According to what has been said, the hardware and software modules made by Piaggio Fast Forward are safe and have an affordable cost. In addition, they ensure reliable monitoring regardless of lighting and environmental conditions. The Piaggio Group company has entered into a contract with Vayyar Imaging for the supply of Radar-on-Chip, thus developing the first safety platform based on 4D Imaging Radar technology for scooters and motorcycles.

The complete sensor package for the scale production of ARAS systems, is developed, built and supplied by Piaggio Fast Forward for the two-wheeled models of the Piaggio Group. The modules developed by the Piaggio Group company use the Vayyar mmWave 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC) sensor and allow for multiple ARAS functions. Think, for example, of Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW).

The PFF robots that integrate this radar technology will be presented at the end of 2021, while the Piaggio Group motorcycles equipped with this innovative sensor developed by Piaggio Fast Forward will arrive on the market in 2022. Vayyar’s 4D Imaging Radar technology, intended for both PFF robots and to the PFF detection modules intended for the motorcycle industry, supports a large Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system, capable of providing very high resolution point cloud models, for complete monitoring of the environment in which the robot or vehicle. This high-performance sensor integrates the sophisticated single-chip 4D Imaging Radar technology, characterized by a very wide field of view, both in azimuth and in elevation, without dead zones, detecting and tracking the presence of objects in a precise manner.

From 2022therefore, Piaggio motorcycles will be able to use this new technology which should make it possible to significantly improve safety while driving. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of the first models equipped with these new technical features.


Piaggio motorcycles scooters ARAS systems offer safety

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