rules for universities, trains and planes

rules for universities, trains and planes
rules for universities, trains and planes

Green pass mandatory in Italy for university students. This is the hypothesis that takes shape, according to what is learned from government sources during the day which will also serve to define rules relating to the green pass. From tomorrow, August 6, an essential green pass to access a series of commercial activities and services.

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The Green pass will be “mandatory for extra-regional long-distance transport, while for the moment it is not used on urban transport and regional trains” said the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy, Mariastella Gelmini, during the question time in the Chamber. “As regards local public transport, the filling coefficient in the white zone set at 80% will also be applied in the yellow zone, as per the opinion formulated by the CTS”, he explained.

Gelmini stressed that the Green pass is a “measure of reasonableness and common sense that is aimed not at prohibiting but at defending the spaces of freedom that citizens have laboriously obtained with many privations and sufferings and to avoid new closures and lockdowns”.

Furthermore, “for the Government it is a priority to ensure the resumption of face-to-face teaching for all. To this end, the introduction of green certification for ATA teachers and staff will be envisaged, while vaccination in the 12-19 age group continues to be strongly recommended. “.

From tomorrow, 6 August, in Italy the green pass will be essential for all citizens over the age of 12 to freely carry out certain activities including: access to indoor restaurants; enter the cinema, theater or museums; engage in physical activity in the gym; participate in festivals, enter stadiums, congresses and major events; consume at the bar indoors at the table except for the service at the counter; move in and out of territories classified as red or orange zones. Regions and autonomous provinces may provide for other uses of the green passes within the territories of their competence.


rules universities trains planes

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