Green pass, green light in Cdm for the new decree: it will be used for long-distance transport, not for local vehicles. Mini-quarantine for vaccinated

Long distance transport yes, no hotels and still no decision on the subject of work. And then obligation for the school staff in general and the one for the University students, while there will be no obligation for minors. The Cdm has established the perimeter within which the green pass it will be necessary under the new decree. The extent of the use of the green certificate – which is obtained after vaccination, recovery or a negative molecular test – will therefore also affect the world of school, according to the orientation confirmed by the control room. Here, point by point, all the news that will be contained in the new decree that arrives on the eve of the first step, the one that introduces the use of the green pass for indoor bars and restaurants, gyms and events.

Transportation – The document will also be needed for the long-distance transport and will come into effect on September 1st even if during the control room it was decided to bring forward the start of its implementation to 20 August. We are also moving towards increasing the capacity of transport, starting with trains from 50% to 80% of the available seats. The green certificate, on ferries, will not be necessary for intra-regional travel. It is still debated whether to exclude i ferries crossing the Strait of Messina. As for the bus the outlines of the compulsory nature of the green pass are being defined: the hypothesis is that it is valid for bus trips that cross two regions. “The green pass will not be mandatory for bus e subways of the local public transport and for regional trains “, said the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, replying to the question time in the Chamber.

School – In addition to the obligation for university students, but not for minors in schools of various levels, school and university staff must also present the green certification in order to carry out their work, “in order to guarantee public health and maintain adequate safety conditions in the provision of the essential education service “. Otherwise, “non-compliance with the provisions is considered unjustified absence and, starting from the fifth day of absence, the employment relationship is suspended and are not due the salary or other remuneration or emolument, however named “.

Hotels – Customers of hotels who want to access the restaurants and there bar indoors they must not use the green pass. During the discussion, according to sources present at the meeting, part of the majority he would have liked to introduce the obligation also for hotels but in the end it was decided to keep unchanged the current standard.

Quarantine for the vaccinated – The forty for vaccinated positives it will be reduced to 7 days with tampon at the end of the period. Stay 10 days for the unvaccinated. The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza he announced it to the representatives of the Regions on the basis of a new one opinion expressed by Scientific technical committee.

Merchants – The operators of bars and restaurants are ready to check of customers who will consume at the table inside the premises, but not at a possible verification of identity documents. There fipe in a note he stresses that “the hypothesis of having to check also the identity documents is lived with profound discomfort “ because “it represents an act of distrust towards customers”. The responsibility for the improper use of the green pass – he explains Aldo Cursano, deputy vice president of Fipe-Confcommercio – “it cannot fall on companies”.

Calmed pads – The tampons for the students of secondary schools will have controlled prices. The hypothesis of the free of charge anti-Covid tests, government sources explain, was discarded because it could have been discourage the youngest to get immunized. So the quick tests at the pharmacy for the age group between 12 and 18 will cost 8 euro e 15 euro for everyone else. The orientation for the youngest is to organize an extraordinary vaccination campaign for the age group 12-18 especially from the point of view of communication. The hypothesis is to speed up vaccinations by removing the obligation of booking.

Vaccinati Reithera – Those vaccinated with Reithera, the compound, will have an exemption made in Italy, until now excluded from the green pass granted only to those who have been administered by one of the four vaccines approved by the EMA. Who made the double dose, will be exempt from the green certification while for those who have only made one dose there is an indication to do the second. The certification of temporary exemption “valid until September 30, 2021, will be released from responsible doctor of the trial center where the vaccination was carried out “.

Ad hoc standard for San Marino? – A norm to this will affect the citizens of San Marino. The theme is that in the small Apennine Republic the most widespread vaccine is Sputnik and not one of the four used in Italy. The hypothesis, government sources explain, is to extend the exemption from the Green Pass to San Marino September 15 but a decision has not yet been made.

Work – A decision “on the green pass at work” is not yet there, I do not know how this void will be filled, it is known that inside the majority there are very different positions, ”said the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando at the question time to the Chamber underlining that “I think it is reasonable to discuss how to use it in the world of work” and that to arrive at a solution “we will move in the same direction” used for the Covid protocols for safety at work. In other words, “constructing rules that arise from a social dialogue”. We will follow “the path of confrontation with the social partners”.

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