Covid, compulsory Green pass for school staff. It will not be used on short-distance buses and ferries

Key day today for the decisions to be made on the green pass which will come into force tomorrow 6 August, and which together with the vaccine will be one of the bolts to try to interrupt the chain of infections that with the Delta are rising throughout Italy. The orientation that, according to what we learn, has been confirmed by the government control room – which met today in view of the Council of Ministers this afternoon and the State – Regions conference – is that the green certificate will be mandatory for the school staff.

Green Pass, all the ways to download it (with or without digital identity)


The obligation of a green certificate would also be required for university students, at the resumption of the academic year. The obligation will apply to university professors, as well as to all school staff.
A discussion would be ongoing about high school students who are over 16. to define the rules governing the application of the Green pass. The control room, which ended around 1pm, was chaired by President Draghi. Present ministers Franco, Patuanelli, Giovannini, Bianchi
Franceschini, Speranza, Gelmini, Bonetti, Brunetta, Messa, Garavaglia. In video link also the undersecretary Garofoli and representing the Cts Locatelli and Brusaferro.

Low priced swabs for students

Swabs for secondary school students will have controlled prices. The hypothesis of free anti-Covid tests, government sources explain, was instead discarded because it could have discouraged young people from getting immunized.


As for transport, however, the idea is that the green pass would be required only on longer-distance routes. The measure, government sources explain, will come into force on 1 September even if during the control room it was decided to bring forward the start of its implementation to 20 August. The green certificate, on ferries, will not be necessary for intra-regional travel. It is still debated whether to exclude ferries crossing the Strait of Messina from the obligation. As far as buses are concerned, the outlines of the mandatory nature of the Green Pass are being defined: the hypothesis is that it applies to bus journeys that cross two Regions.

Planes and buses

From the first of September the green pass will be mandatory for long-distance planes and trains. Local public transport and intra-regional ferries, on the other hand, will be exempted. Explains the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini responding to the question time in the Chamber: “As regards public transport, the capacity will be 80% even in the yellow zone. The pass is a measure of reasonableness and common sense that does not aim to prohibit but to favor the spaces of freedom for citizens and avoid new closures and lockdowns “.

All the contradictions of the Green Pass

by Alessandra Ziniti

05 August 2021


The customers of the hotels who want to access the restaurants and bars indoors in the structures will not have to use the green pass, confirming the provisions of the previous decree. During the discussion, part of the majority would have liked to introduce the obligation also for hotels but in the end it was decided to keep the current rule unchanged.

Exemption for those who have taken two doses of Reithera

Those who have taken two doses of the Reithera vaccine will be exempted from the Green pass, while those who have only taken one dose will be instructed to do the second dose with a recognized vaccine, to obtain green certification. Therefore, those who participated in the Reithera experiment should get out of the current uncertainty and be exempted from the Green pass for sixty days. The exemption is linked to the fact that the certificate can only be recognized to those who have made a vaccine already endorsed by the EMA.

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