Margherita Agnelli challenges her son John Elkann for the legacy of the Avvocato-

Margherita Agnelli challenges her son John Elkann for the legacy of the Avvocato-
Margherita Agnelli challenges her son John Elkann for the legacy of the Avvocato-

again battle over the succession of the lawyer Agnelli between his daughter Margherita and her son, John Elkann. In particular, after more than 15 years from the maxi-agreement on the inheritance, Margherita challenged the contract with her mother Marella in Switzerland with which she renounced the shares due to her in the December, the lead company of the empire, valued at 105 million. The shares were then passed on from the grandmother to the grandson John Elkann in bare ownership. Overall in the inheritance agreements, Margherita will get 1.3 billion. Only now he would dispute before a Swiss court that that was the actual value of the December.

The controversy over December, the leader of the Agnelli empire

From this new dispute over the assets of Donna Marella – who died on 23 February 2019 – the renewed interest in the corporate structures of the December, the simple company that governs the empire Exor and, cascading, the shares in Stellantis, Ferrari, Cnh Industrial, Juventus, The Economist. state Panorama Wednesday 4 August to indicate the existence of the dispute over the 2004 agreement; a news that was confirmed by legal circles close to the two parties.

Marella’s succession and Margherita’s moves

Marella having disappeared, it is possible that – as anticipated by the Corriere on 23 July – Margherita is also about to challenge the succession of her mother. In fact, the value of December in 2004, with Fiat in a serious crisis, was very different from the current one. But Margherita evidently believes she has cards to play in this new installment of an over ten-year hereditary saga, started in 2007 but in which she has always been unsuccessful.

The Elkann Family Lawyers: Reckless Claims

Legal sources close to the Elkann family point out that the sale of the December shares would not be reversible and that Margherita’s claims cannot question the absolute majority that John holds. for about fifteen years that Margherita de Pahlen has been trying to question the agreements on the succession of her father and mother that she wanted and signed in 2004 and that have procured her assets that, at the time alone, were worth about one billion and three hundred million. it was in the context of these agreements that Margherita decided to sell her stakes in the simple company in December, with a deed that is no longer reversible. Legal sources of the Agnelli family affirm this.
Margherita’s attempts to question the succession of her parents – the lawyers specify – are manifestly unfounded and completely contrary to both the paternal and maternal will, and the agreements signed by herself. In fact, none of them have ever been successful. These rash claims, which will be firmly resisted in every location, are however in no way suitable – they reiterate – to question the absolute majority stake that John Elkann holds in the December company.

The structure of the December and the balance of the Agnelli-Elkann family

Today, as of December, John (58.8%) and the brothers Lapo and Ginevra with 20.6% each are shareholders. December has always been shrouded in mystery, never having presented n balance sheets n official acts.
Only in 2012 there was a first opening with some documents disclosed. it was thanks to an injunction to the Turin Chamber of Commerce obtained by Margherita’s new lawyer, Dario Trevisan, that a month ago there was an update that made known the ownership of the three Elkann brothers; Margherita has five other children with her second husband, Serge de Pahlen. However, according to a complaint by Trevisan to the Turin court, these papers are irregular and do not conform to the originals.
According to Panorama , there would also have been a pressing of the Sec – the American Consob – prompted by a complaint that highlighted the lack of essential information on a company at the top of two companies listed on Wall Street such as FCA and Ferrari. A family lawyer flatly denies: There is no SEC investigation underway.


Margherita Agnelli challenges son John Elkann legacy Avvocato Corriereit

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