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Florence, 4 August 2021 – In museums and indoor restaurants, in theme parks but also in gyms: here we are, Friday 6 August all over Italy the green pass debuts, the document that can obtain who has had at least one vaccination, who has carried out a swab that has given negative results or who is healed from the covid.

A certificate that will become central in everyday life to access a whole series of places, including museums and libraries. It will not be used in supermarkets and will not be used, for the moment, even at school and on public transport. But in these two areas the government has yet to decide.

Compulsory green pass at the university

Green pass is also required for university students when the academic year resumes. According to government sources, this is the orientation that emerges from the control room that took place at Palazzo Chigi. The obligation will apply to university professors, as well as to all school staff. A discussion would be ongoing about high school students who are over 16

Obligation to have a green pass for teachers at school

Mandatory green pass for school staff. It is the orientation that, according to what is learned, was confirmed by the government control room in view of the Council of Ministers this afternoon.

Is the green pass needed in the supermarket? Questions and answers

The control room meets

The premier’s control room is held today, Thursday 5 August, at 11.30 Mario Draghi with ministers and experts in view of the new measures on the Green pass for school and transport. It is learned from government sources. At 4 pm the Council of Ministers is scheduled to pass the new rules.

Green pass, the definitive guide

Green pass, video instructions

Perhaps a must for school staff

Hypothesis of obligation of green pass for school staff. According to what Ansa learns, this would be the direction that the Government would like to take to solve the problem of vaccinations at school and to allow a return in attendance in September. The discussion, however, according to what sources report to Ansa, is still ongoing at this time.

Who can check the green pass

Certificates arrive for those who are vaccine-free

The long-awaited circular of the Ministry of Health which authorizes the certificate for those exempt from the Covid vaccine. For those, that is, who have not been able to get vaccinated, temporarily or permanently, for overt diseases. “The certificate of exemption from vaccination against covid is issued – we read – in the event that the vaccination itself is omitted or deferred due to the presence of specific documented clinical conditions, which contraindicate it permanently or temporarily”. “People who get an exemption to vaccination – reads again – must be adequately informed on the need to continue to maintain the preventive measures “as use of masks, distancing, avoiding gatherings. The exemptions will be valid until next September 30th, unless otherwise specified.

Where the green pass is needed

A local in Pistoia (Acerboni / FotoCastellani)

The decree law of 23 July establishes the obligation of green certifications from Friday for the following activities:

  • catering services provided by any establishment, referred to in Article 4, for consumption at the table, indoors
  • shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions
  • museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions
  • swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities
  • festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses
  • spas, theme and amusement parks
  • cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and with the exclusion of educational centers for children, including summer centers, and related catering activities
  • gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos
  • public competitions

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