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the “primates” that scare Sicily

the “primates” that scare Sicily
the “primates” that scare Sicily

In the fight against Covid, Sicily has “primates” that should be done without. This is highlighted by the new weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation.

Over 60

The island has the Italian record of unvaccinated among the over 60s: 19% (the best figure is that of Puglia, 6.2%) Sicily is also first in occupancy of ordinary Covid beds: (11%), followed by Calabria (9%), Campania (6%), Basilicata (6%), Lazio (6%) and Sardinia (5%). As regards the occupation of beds in intensive care: Sardinia (10%), Liguria (6%), Lazio (5%), Sicily (4%) and Tuscany (4%).

The monitoring covers the week from 28 July to 3 August 2021. The updated percentages in Sicily are 12 and 5%, therefore slightly higher.

Still many unvaccinated

As of August 4, 65.5% of the Italian population had received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine and 56% (33.1 million) had completed the vaccination cycle. But in the face of a now prevalent delta variant, over 2.7 million over 60s are still fully or partially exposed by vaccination protection.

Persists, comments Nino Cartabellotta, president of Gimbe, “the vaccination hesitation of the over 50s, difficult to reach without a capillary active call strategy; it also seems unrealistic to be able to cover 60-65% of the 12-19 range with the full cycle before the start of the school year, given that 63.4% have not yet taken even a dose, with significant regional differences “.

What happened in a week

In detail, compared to the previous week, the following changes were recorded:
Deaths: 120 (+ 8.1%)
Intensive care: +69 (+ 36.5%)
Hospitalized with symptoms: +585 (+ 36.3%)
Home isolation: +23,252 (+ 33.9%)
New cases: 38,328 (+ 19.9%)
Currently positive cases: +23,906 (+ 34%)

However, according to the Gimbe foundation, the new cases would undoubtedly be underestimated due to insufficient testing activity and the failure to resume contact tracing. In fact, the positive / people tested ratio, after soaring from 1.8% to 9.1% in 4 weeks, in the last 7 days has shown a more contained growth, rising to 10.7% and the moving average of new cases is gradually flattening out.

Third dose

As for the third dose, at the moment, Cartabellotta continues, “there is insufficient evidence to define indications, times and methods of administration”. For now, “there are three certainties: first of all, there is no reliable test to identify potential candidates, which at the moment are identified in the people most at risk of severe disease and in health workers; secondly, the increase in Covid-19 diagnoses and the hospitalization of people vaccinated with double doses could be an indirect indicator of reduced immune protection; finally, the administration of the third dose remains off-label at the moment and must be authorized by the regulatory authorities “.

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