she is not just a nanny

she is not just a nanny
she is not just a nanny

The tata of the children of Chiara Ferragni e Fedez, Rosalba, she has now become very popular, but her work is done. She has often appeared in the stories of the couple and the followers of Ferragnez they wondered how much he can earn. Nanny Rosalba she didn’t mind Leone e Victory as a normal nanny would do. The woman has specific training and is a professional. Here’s what it does and how much it deserves.

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Chiara Ferragni and Tata Rosalba

Nanny Rosalba took care of little Leone and Vittoria when their parents were too busy and helped them look after them. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have dismissed her with a party and a cake, but she continues to attract media attention. It is not a simple nanny, but a post-nurse, a professional figure who materially and morally supports new mothers.

The work of Tata Rosalba

A nurse can be hired before or after giving birth and teaches mothers everything they need to know. In the case of the digital entrepreneur, she was hired shortly after the birth of her first child and has since become a very important figure in the family. Now that the children have grown up, she quit her job.

How much does a child care nurse like Rosalba earn?

Services such as those provided by Tata Rosalba are highly specialized. On the Renata Wetter – Nursing home site, the average rates for Milan are indicated. A post partum consultation plus three day care costs 350 euros, a post partum consultation and two night care services cost 450 euros. On the Nanny & Butler website we talk about 1,000 euros (plus room and board) per week. Full time h24 (i.e. from 10 on Friday to 14 on Sunday) costs 1,600 euros. Prices can obviously vary. Depending on the type of commitment at Ferragnez, he could have earned over four thousand euros.

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