Markets cautious. Milan aligns itself

Markets cautious. Milan aligns itself
Markets cautious. Milan aligns itself

(Teleborsa) – Today’s financial session of the European stock exchanges is moving with caution, as well as in Piazza Affari, awaiting the departure of Wall Street.

On the currency market, the Euro / US Dollar did not move much, trading on the eve of 1.186. No significant change for gold, which trades on the eve of $ 1,814.5 an ounce. No significant change for the oil market, with oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) settling on the eve of 68.26 dollars per barrel.

The spread is slightly reduced, reaching +108 basis points, with a slight decrease of 2 basis points, while the yield of the 10-year BTP stands at 0.52%.

Among the European lists nothing is done for Frankfurt, which changes hands on parity, colorless London, which does not register significant changes compared to the previous session, and small steps forward for Paris, which marks a marginal increase of 0.21%. Piazza Affari continues the session at the levels of the day before, reporting a variation of + 0.06% on the FTSE MIB; on the same line, the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the session at 28,041 points, on the eve of levels, is colorless.

Between best performers of Milan, in the spotlight Ferrari (+ 1.99%), Amplifon (+ 1.60%), Interpump (+ 1.39%) and Banca Generali (+ 1.11%).

The strongest falls, on the other hand, occur on Pirelli, which continues the session with -1.72%.

Suffers Tenaris, which shows a loss of 1.70%.

Prey of Nexi sellers, with a decrease of 1.70%.

Sales are concentrated on Banco BPM, which suffers a decrease of 1.06%.

Top of the ranking of mid-cap stocks of Milan, Sesa (+ 2.50%), Datalogic (+ 2.31%), ENAV (+ 2.22%) and Sanlorenzo (+ 2.00%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, are seen on BF, which continues trading at -2.19%.

Sales on ERG, which recorded a decrease of 1.84%.

Negative session for MARR, which shows a loss of 1.77%.

Under pressure Webuild, which accuses a decrease of 1.71%.

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