the two blows in the banks of the hinterland-

the two blows in the banks of the hinterland-
the two blows in the banks of the hinterland-

Piazza San Biagio in Buccinasco, Friday 28 May; via Roma in Cassina de ‘Pecchi, last Monday 2 August. The mainly geographical distance (forty kilometers) does not conflict with the delimitation of a clear spatial behavior of the criminals, in this case the exact same robbers which, as now seems likely, hit in the first case in a Carige, when they entered the vault, and in the second in a Bpm. Offering a base to the carabinieri who investigate, but at the same time demonstrating a high level of crime: in Cassina de ‘Pecchi they waited three quarters of an hour, together with the only two employees present, before the safe was opened. Three quarters of an hour, an eternity.

The rest they master the time: always in both shots, they did not enter from the entrance but from elsewhere. And here we come to the center of the investigation. In Buccinasco they knew of the presence of a room adjacent to the bank, which contains electrical panels and a warehouse, and had opened a hole in the wall. Likewise, in Cassina de ‘Pecchi they knew of the presence of a disused house connected, in the basement, to the bank. Again, it was enough to pierce the wall. Now, even assuming that the robbers are from Milan and its hinterland, and it is true that the professionals carry out a very long period of inspections before acting (the study of the geographical position, of the escape routes, of the traffic, of recesses and trees that cover the visual from the outside), here it turns out difficult to exclude internal sources of information. Basisti who suggested those two privileged access points to break into the banks. Since in investigations it is better to be wary of anyone, this someone could be a person linked to the circuit of credit institutions or, perhaps more likely, a person who worked in Buccinasco and Cassina de ‘Pecchi. A craftsman, a construction team, maintenance workers.

The robustness of the preparation, and consequently the certainty of having a not impossible path ahead, was then followed by the choice of timing (the staff lunch break, 1.30pm at Carige and 2.45pm at Bpm) and the ability to manage the moment (at least no weapon exhibited, only verbal threats, bands to block the wrists of the kidnapped, the 2 women in Cassina de ‘Pecchi while in Buccinasco there were 6 employees). After that, the bandits made forced mistakes: by lingering for so long, even if in a state of shock, they allowed the employees to memorize physical details and dialect inflection. And again: they weren’t in Milan, they couldn’t split up by choosing who a metro or bus; no, they were in the hinterland and drove off in a car. That vehicle has left some traces in the videos. There would be no macroscopic mistakes (the lack of coverage of a tattoo discovered by balaclavas and T-shirts or cigarettes, gloves, tools abandoned in that room and in that abandoned house that guard DNA footprints). Now the robbers will be far away, but assuming the effectiveness of the alleged basists and a possible list of easy banks not limited to Buccinasco and Cassina de ‘Pecchi, they might even return. Unless they are satisfied not so much with the 67 thousand euros stolen from Bpm, as with cash, jewels and who knows what else disappeared from the 36 safety deposit boxes emptied at Carige, with a shortfall never quantified in its true size, for the secrets that a vault carries around.

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