restaurants, gyms, cinemas, at the start of delays and protests. The point-by-point certificate

restaurants, gyms, cinemas, at the start of delays and protests. The point-by-point certificate
restaurants, gyms, cinemas, at the start of delays and protests. The point-by-point certificate

At rest under the umbrellas, Italians will still have 24 hours to witness the spectacle of the controversy over the entry into force of the mandatory anti-Covid Green pass for restaurants or museums from midnight today (but not, or not yet, for the workplace).

Green pass from tomorrow

An essentially virtual battle, fought on social networks rather than on the ground, between the largely majority pro-pass party (over 70%) in the polls and the much louder no-pass party on the net. The thing also crosses the majority, with the League holding the no-pass flag even with the tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia who dictates five conditions to “save the sector” including self-certification for restaurants. The other four are: exemption for minors; exemption for outdoor fairs and festivals; exemption for internal hotel services; no restrictions on the means of transport.

A package decidedly contrasted on twitter by the leader of Action Carlo Calenda, on holiday in Austria, who puts it this way in the early morning: “It will be the health dictatorship that is the prelude to the social, moral and political one, but here in Vienna you don’t even need a outdoor café without Green pass ».

Certification for outdoor coffee? While in Italy the pass will be mandatory at the bar to sip a drink indoors and only if seated, that is, it is not even needed if you consume coffee at the counter?
While waiting to understand if the strict Habsburg rules (which were determined by a government led by the conservative Sebastian Kurz) are more effective than the Italian ones, the controversy rages here. News agencies do not fail to report the stunt of the owner of a bar in Alghero who placed the star of David at the entrance to his restaurant to protest against the vaccination pass “not founded on scientific grounds exactly like discrimination against Jews” . Elsewhere there are those who speak of delays in provisions and ask for rules also for details such as: “If a tourist asks to be able to use the toilets of a bar, can he do it without the Certificate”? The controls are up to the managers of the premises, there is also a special App. On the Romagna Riviera, with a practical spirit, the tour operators have agreed to have low-priced tampons for those who have not been vaccinated but want to sit at the restaurant.

The Lega di Matteo Salvini is addressing a certain electorate. And even if it is now impossible to block the pass, the Carroccio the day before yesterday presented an avalanche of 900 amendments to the decree that established it and which in these hours is being examined (with quite extravagant delay) by the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Chamber.
Among these proposed amendments, one stands out which simply calls for its abolition for access to a series of activities. League sources explain that “the amendment that suppresses article 3 of the decree on the Green pass, aims to avoid its use in the white area, that is, throughout Italy”. The music does not change in the statements of Senator Alberto Bagnai, an economist of the Northern League known for his no-euro battles, who defines the Green pass as a tool intended to “slow down economic activities”.

Meanwhile, public structures, such as museums, seem to have prepared in time. Yesterday Ansa verified that about twenty museums or similar structures all over Italy, from the Colosseum to the Royal Palace of Caserta, have already invited visitors to present the pass, often with pleasant ideas, such as the use of verses of Horace from the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum or a print by Francesco I Borbone for the Reggia. The check will be carried out at the entrance and it will be verified if the pass belongs to the person who presents it through the examination of a document. In many museums there is no problem of the time needed to carry out an inspection because visits often already take place by appointment.

In other structures, such as gyms, on the other hand, many owners have already registered the Green passes of the members in their electronic documentation and therefore will not have to check them every time the single person enters the structures.

Be that as it may be from tomorrow morning – after many other European countries – Italy too triggers the mandatory widespread Pass: from indoor restaurants (for bars it will not be asked at the counter but only at tables if there are any), to parks thematic outdoors, football matches, museums, spas, gyms. It is worth remembering that to participate in the wedding lunches the Green pass is mandatory from July 1st. And there are no protests from sector operators.


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