The MPS bomb makes the Democratic Party tremble. Now Letta fears the “trap”

The MPS bomb makes the Democratic Party tremble. Now Letta fears the “trap”
The MPS bomb makes the Democratic Party tremble. Now Letta fears the “trap”

The trap is ready: the Mps bomb is triggered a few days after the announcement of the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta to run for the supplementary school in Siena. And this time, another dangerous clue, Matteo Renzi also agrees with Letta’s candidacy.

Third clue: Andrea Marcucci, former leader of the dem group at Palazzo Madama, Tuscan and critical voice in the Democratic Party, from the columns of La Nazione, “blesses” the secretary’s race. There is no irrefutable proof: but the three clues open the witch hunt on Siena to the Nazarene. Behind an easy game lies the trap. The question that shakes the inner circle is simple: who convinced the secretary to take the challenge in the unfortunate Tuscan boarding school, after the initial hesitations? And then: why did UniCredit anticipate the annexation plan of the Sienese institute in an absolutely unforeseen way? And then there are many suspicions around the Nazarene. Why was such a costly merger not announced with closed polls? But above all, is there a relationship between the two facts? That is, who advised Letta knew that Unicredit would burn the times? Doubts that haunt Letta’s summer.

The explosion of the MPS bomb, the tears and blood plans announced by Unicredit with closures and redundancies, threatens to transform Siena’s supplementary elections from a sleepy election, in fact without opponents, into a trial by fire. The secretary of the Democratic Party is not calm. But now he can’t go back. Letta has decided to accept the challenge of Siena, after the resignation of Pier Carlo Padoan, to enter Parliament in view of the important passage, February 2022, of the election of the next President of the Republic. He wants to manage the negotiations from the inside, to keep the dem group compact. He reviews the nightmare of the 101 franc shooters who sank Romano Prodi’s candidacy at the Colle in 2013. The suspects are the parliamentarians of the reformist base, the current led by Lotti and Guerini. Today, however, the real fear is another: Letta risks reaching the election of the next Head of State as a simple militant. The joke turns to the Nazarene. Siena Letta is playing for the permanence at the helm of the Democratic Party. And here are doubts and concerns that assail the loyalists of the former premier. Siena is no longer a walk in the park. The axis with Giuseppe Conte does not give any guarantee: in the M5s there is a violent showdown between the leader and the Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio.

The most terrified by the challenge of Siena are the Orlandiani: “Are they preparing an ambush?”, They ask. Specifying that “at the time they suggested to Letta not to run”.

But who would have pushed him into the trap of Siena? The doubts once again fall on the man of mysteries, always the same, Dario Franceschini. Is the Minister of Culture, in religious silence after the replacement as head of the delegation with the hated Andrea Orlando, preparing revenge? There is another clue that leads to Franceschini: the eternal Dario is playing his personal game for the Colle. Letta would be an obstacle. Once the obstacle has been removed, the negotiation can resume. The center-right sniffs the air. And he prepares for the coup: after weeks of silence, the option to deploy against Letta the dreaded mayor of Siena Luigi de Mossi grows. Here is Letta’s nightmare of summer nights.


MPS bomb Democratic Party tremble Letta fears trap

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