Olympic champions can become the key to getting young people vaccinated against Covid- Corriere.it

Olympic champions can become the key to getting young people vaccinated against Covid- Corriere.it
Olympic champions can become the key to getting young people vaccinated against Covid- Corriere.it
from Beppe Severgnini

Coni wants them to become the protagonists of a commercial, but modern heroes need contemporary tools: a traditional commercial is not enough

Che eclectic Italy. What an amazing nation it seems to emerge from this unpredictable summer. The unexpected gold medals in Tokyo, the historic victory at the European championships and – why not – the success of the Maneskin at Eurovision, with a song that sounds like a slap in the face of stereotypes. How Italy changes, while almost all of us continue to whine that it always remains the same. In the drawers of our mental dining room, ancient reflections are closed, but the people and things around us are transformed.

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While the Anglo-Saxon models struggle – the US engaged in strenuous introspection, England in search of a post-Brexit identity – Italy seems to slide forward, with a kind of carelessness, an unintentional wisdom. Sporting successes are signs, not phenomena: but they must be cltied. In a nice piece for Double zero – discovered thanks to the Corriere Press Review – Stefano Bartezzaghi recalls how our sports champions, for a long time, responded to the self-representation needs of a popular Italy: Mennea the boy from the South, the emigrant Fiasconaro,Bearzot the rocky Friuli. Today we have changed. Not only the color of the skin, which has never been uniform in Italy. Just look at the twenties, on the slopes, in the stadiums and in the streets: taller, more robust, less dogmatic. An athlete had anticipated all this: Federica Pellegrini, who ended an extraordinary career in Tokyo. We lose in fencing, but we win in the 100 meters, in the high jump, in the team pursuit, in the most acrobatic specialty of sailing, again in football. The spirit of the time has favored the lakes (Jacobs, Tita, Ganna), the Marche (Tamberi, Mancini, Spinazzola), Campania (Donnarumma and Insigne). The string of pearls of the mother of the sailor Tita and the determination of that of Marcell Jacobs, who emigrated back. Everything appears in flux. TOTAL MEDALS

Politics, in comparison, a dead end: the dj vu of Salvini at Papeete, Berlusconi’s interested ecumenisms, Cinquestelle’s contortions and Democrats’ performance anxieties seem out of sync. Mario Draghi a lucky man. Every head of government has to work on the material that is found, and our social fabric seems to have softened. Sporting successes will act as a lubricant. But for the nation to continue to move, Covid must be beaten: we cannot afford a second autumn of isolation. There is only one way to do it, by now we know: to vaccinate all of us, even the youngest ones. The new Italian champions, eclectic and popular, can lend a hand. Why is the White House recruiting fifty influencers? To convince the youngest to get vaccinated.
Joe Biden
attempts to reproduce what happened in 1956. The polio campaign did not take off, President Eisenhower asked Elvis Presley for help. After the live vaccination on the Ed Sullivan Show – rolled up sleeve, dazzling smile – the percentage of young Americans vaccinated went from 0.6% to 80%. In June Marcell Jacobs, like other well-known personalities (Amadeus, Bonolis, Al Bano, Cracco), he recorded a radio spot at the request of the Department for Information and Publishing. Gianmarco Tamberi a witness from the World Health Organization (Let’s jump out of Covid). But it takes more: the president of Coni, John Malag, he seems to be aware of it. On July 22, opening Casa Italia in Tokyo, he anticipated that the Olympic gold medals would be the protagonists of a commercial against Covid, together with the European football champions. Modern heroes, he called them. But modern heroes need contemporary tools: a traditional commercial is not enough. It is necessary to create the wait first, then the event, then the mass sharing on social networks: a professional job. There is no Elvis presley, today in Italy, and television no longer holds the monopoly of attention. New paths must be explored. Because, as the Undersecretary of Health Pier Paolo Sileri, with a low percentage of young people vaccinated it will not be possible to guarantee 100% face-to-face teaching. But going back to school is an indispensable condition of normality. The eclectic Italy moves, what now.

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