Bad weather, dramatic night situation in Lombardy: Lake Como floods

Bad weather, dramatic night situation in Lombardy: Lake Como floods
Bad weather, dramatic night situation in Lombardy: Lake Como floods

Dramatic situation for the bad weather in Lombardy, where Lake Como is overflowing during the night after a day of torrential rain (116mm in the city as well 160mm in the mountains). In Como, the situation is critical: after the afternoon storm that flooded the city, it is now the lake that causes flooding everywhere due to the current flooding.

Critical issues also in the province of Lecco, where 120 people were evacuated from a campsite in Dervio, a center of the Lecco area overlooking Lake Como, due to the danger caused by the flood of the Varrone stream and the mass of water accumulated in the reservoir of the di Pagnona. The Municipality of Dervio invited the inhabitants to observe the utmost caution and to move the cars from the garage boxes.

During the night, the 120 evacuees returned to the campsite while the Varrone stream remains manned all night. “Furthermore“, Communicates the administration of Dervio on its Fb page,”the truck with spider will remain in operation at the railway bridge to remove any logs“. In the evening, the Pagnona dam had reached fifty cubic meters of water per second and the flood alarm was triggered. Then the risk was scaled back as the level dropped.

The Tremenico-Subiale road was also closed due to landslides. Also in the Lecco area, the provincial road 62 was closed for transit until a date to be determined due to a large landslide of mud, rocks and debris, which unloaded on the roadway today between Taceno, in Valsassina, and the locality of Portone di Bellano, a town which also climbs upstream from the Lecco branch of Lake Como. No vehicles or people were involved in the landslide detachment. The provincial road 62, winding and steeply sloping, connects the Lecco coast of Lake Como to Valsassina.

About forty firefighters were employed especially in the southern area of ​​the province of Como for flooding of boxes, cellars and roads, also following the flooding of two streams at Villa Guardia. The southern Como area, Fino Mornasco, Appiano Gentile and Bulgarograsso were particularly affected. Some people trapped in cars in underpasses or hollows of the roadway were helped out by firefighters. The areas already heavily affected by the landslides of the past weeks were monitored.

The Fire Brigades also report the enlargement of the Pioverna. Damage and inconvenience also in Brianza, while the bad weather is moving towards the North / East.

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