Degree, which one to choose to find work in Italy and abroad

Degree, which one to choose to find work in Italy and abroad
Degree, which one to choose to find work in Italy and abroad

Gives engineering a law, passing through psychology ed economy. There are several most popular degrees in Italy, with the university choice which for many graduates and older children is always a big problem. Obviously it is advisable follow your own predispositions, which perhaps lead to being brilliant in a specific subject of study. What worries everyone, however, are the job opportunities. In this sense, to identify the most useful faculties for finding a job in Italy and abroad, it is necessary to keep an eye on theevolution of the labor market, photographed from the reports of Almalaurea.

The degrees that offer the most job opportunities

According to the last Report on the employment status of graduates, created by the well-known inter-university consortium by analyzing the 2020 data, most of the same conditions benefit are the ones who graduate in computer subjects ed ICT, in industrial engineering or mechanics, or who complete courses in medical, health and pharmaceutical fields.

Best degrees to find work: in the lead, Defense, Engineering, Medicine

On a slightly lower level, but still very profitable, there are the sectors of formation, architecture andcivil engineering, in addition to the various scientific degrees. Among the least favored, however, are art and design, psychology and the legal sector. In the last place the humanities degrees, such as history, literature and philosophy.

The job market in the next 5 years

But this ranking won’t stay exactly the same over the next 5 years. According to the study “Forecasts of employment and professional needs in Italy “ of Unioncamere, the most requested degrees between now and 2025 will be those related toeco-sustainability and to digital transformation, in practice, the fundamental missions of the EU Next Generation. The two sectors should involve approx 3 out of 10 workers. Therefore the most popular fields of study will be: robotics, mechanics, energy, mobility, health, education and logistics.

Digital revolution, it’s time for girls: the case of the company with the most Stem graduates

The ranking of workers involved by faculty sees the sector in first place economic-legal (as far as 40 thousand entries), then the medical-health one (about 35 thousand entries) and again: theengineering (34 thousand hires), teaching and training (25 thousand entries), the architectural field (13 thousand and 400 entries) and the literary-humanistic one (13 thousand hires).

The most popular degrees abroad

If, on the other hand, you want to look atestero, as more and more young people do (with an economic damage for Italy that has reached 175 million euros a year), the options are only slightly different.

In first place among the most popular faculties for working outside our country are the various addresses of engineering and computer science. In particular: computer engineering and electronic engineering. However, management engineering and civil engineering are also very popular. The most attractive countries for these graduates are Japan, the United States, South America, Canada and the Middle East.

Another very useful degree abroad is the one in international relations, which in Italy hardly leads to direct employment. With this title, in popular universities, you can aspire to a job at Brussels or Geneva. With subsequent masters you can also aim for Asia, primarily China and Japan.

University for Foreigners of Perugia, the first graduates in “Made in Italy”

And again: the degree in languages (with specialization in Russian, Arabic or Chinese) gives excellent chances to become teachers, translators and interpreters. The title in medicine or in health professions, given our excellent preparation on the subject, which hundreds of countries in the world envy us. With a degree in nursing, a country with great demand is England, but they also ask for work in Switzerland and the United States. They are very interested in our doctors instead Germany, Ireland, India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Finally, a degree in economia, but with a specific address that it leads to be agricultural economics expert, accountant, financial broker, marketing consultant o credit manager. The countries most interested in these profiles are: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Daminarca, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


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