The new ISS report on the effect of vaccines: “Reduction of infections, hospitalizations and deaths for all age groups”

What impact are anti Covid vaccinations having on the trend of infections and hospitalizations? To answer the question in an updated way is the new report of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) conducted on the basis of data relating to beyond 27 million of people with at least one dose of the vaccine received, about half of the Italian population. «The incidence of COVID-19 diagnosis goes by 1,19 in the first 14 days after the first dose a 0,60 in subjects with an incomplete cycle ea 0,28 in subjects with a complete vaccination course “. A reduction that once again highlights the effectiveness of vaccinations on the spread of the virus. «It should be emphasized», continues the latest ISS report, «the net reduction in incidence after the first dose: for the former 14 days has passed by 5,76 in January 2021 a 0,20 in the period between 24 May and 13 June 2021, reflecting the greater vaccination coverage and consequently the reduction of viral circulation “.

ISS| Incidence of COVID-19 diagnoses in people vaccinated before June 13, 2021

Based on vaccinations carried out until mid-June, and until mid-May to assess the impact on hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths, the report does not allow for impact assessments of the current diffusion of the Delta variant, characterized as now known by greater transmissibility. The next monitoring will go on considering time periods subsequent to those of the last published report, in order to give the picture of the vaccine impact also against the currently most widespread mutation in Italy.

Reduced hospitalization and death rates among vaccinated people

The data released by the Higher Institute of Health are however important to understand how much the vaccine has so far been good for the epidemiological situation. On the hospitalization front, there was a reduction in hospitalization from an incidence rate of 0,27 in the former 14 days after the first dose a 0,09 in people with incomplete vaccination ea 0,03 in those with full vaccination. “The same trend is observed for intensive care,” explains the ISS, which underlines clearly lower numbers also for the front of deaths. “The incidence of death following the diagnosis of COVID-19 among people vaccinated before May 16, 2021 is between 0,08 in the first 14 days after the first dose a 0,01 in those with full vaccination. In the latter group of vaccinated, the incidence does not differ substantially in terms of age, gender, geographical area, always remaining below 1 0,02 among the over-eighty year olds “.

ISS| Incidence of hospitalization in people vaccinated before May 16, 2021
ISS| Incidence of ICU admission in people vaccinated before May 16
ISS| Incidence of death in people vaccinated before May 16, 2021

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