Lorella Cuccarini, 30 years of love with Silvio Testi: happy as the first day

Lorella Cuccarini, gorgeous in a bikini

Thirty years together, side by side, and being in love like the first day. Lorella Cuccarini celebrates an important milestone on Instagram with the husband Silvio Testi (born, Capitta), the record producer he married on August 3, 1991 and with whom he built a splendid family.

Two exciting shots, which portray the happy couple in all its glory. Tender hugs and complicit looks that do not need words and express a happiness that has never hinted of going out. “Almost 11,000 days of you and me ❤️ anniversario # 30anni casacapitta “, writes Lorella in the caption and makes her knees tremble (in a more than positive sense) to discover how two soulmates they may find each other and never leave each other, beyond the passing of time.

But what is the secret of such an overwhelming and lasting love? As explained by the showgirl in an interview with the weekly Today “A marriage is not easy to make it last, but through ups and downs it can be done. It depends on care and commitment. Today anyone thinks that everything has to be perfect for themselves. Silvio and I are an ‘we’, imperfect, but always with a two-person perspective ”.

The ups and downs they were not lacking, as indeed happens to every couple romantically linked. But with mutual respect and the right compromises, everything can be overcome, even the difficulties that seem darker and more difficult: “Adjust each one’s own habits, those of the other, respect each other. Difficult times in life, when you lose a loved one or your health is wrong. There you have to cushion the blows, be good. We are “.

The spark between Lorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi did not strike immediately. The two had met for the first time behind the scenes of the first edition of Fantastic (we are talking about 1979-1980) but then they were busy with each other’s partners. Then a new meeting, this time as a single, and ever since everything changed: Lorella and what would become – after just six months – her beloved husband have never left each other since.

I love it. He is the man I chose and who has never betrayed our relationship or the idea I have of him – said the showgirl in a recent interview -. We have been there, in joy and pain. It is in difficult moments that we have understood that we are strong. We don’t have a rule. Except one: to be attentive to the other, to have the antennas on, to observe each other, to listen to the silences as well. A rule that I also applied to children: not everyone knows how to externalize problems and you have to find a way to be there anyway. You have to know how to fit in “.

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful and long-lived couples in the show Italian. And another 11 thousand of these days!

Lorella Cuccarini celebrates 30 years of marriage with Silvio Testi on Instagram

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