Google’s Doodle / The message that challenges No Vax

Google’s Doodle / The message that challenges No Vax
Google’s Doodle / The message that challenges No Vax

Google challenge the coronavirus pandemic with a Doodle, whose main message is “Book the anti-covid vaccine”. Big G has decided to have its say, inviting the population to get vaccinated in order to mitigate the circulation of the virus, which in the last month has returned to be felt especially in the Old Continent. In Italy, the population responded en masse, but the executive has been discussing for days on the vaccination obligation or not for certain categories, starting with the school staff; in this regard, tomorrow a council of ministers should be held in which the rules for the year 2021-2021 will be established, and at the end of which it will be understood whether the vaccine will become mandatory for all actors of the school or not.

An idea to which the leader of the League has always expressed his opposition Salvini, as reiterated yesterday during a meeting in Palermo: “I have an 8-year-old daughter and I will never allow myself to ask her teacher for a document or a vaccination in September. I am against the obligation, against the fines and against the prohibitions, also because 85 percent of teachers are already vaccinated today and in September we will reach 95 percent. People are choosing freely without obligation and this is the right path ”. And again: “We think it is unimaginable to fire people and force children and young people to get vaccinated. For us these are things that are out of the question ”. The Google message, regardless of whether or not “Book the anti-covid vaccine”, however, it remains a very strong, clear and precise voice, in this period of pandemic also from the communicative point of view. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


Book the covid vaccine. This is the message of Google through a Doodle published today. Big G therefore enters the anti virus and above all anti no vax communication campaign, inviting the world population to book the serum against coronavirus, the only real weapon to defeat the pandemic that has been gripping the world for more than a year. and a half. Italy is reacting well to the call, with almost 70 million doses administered and 60% immunized, but there are still many skeptics towards the vaccine, frightened in particular by the possible physical consequences, and consequently more must be done, trying to reach this segment of the population as well. At the same time, the scientific world is discussing the third dose, it’s necessary?

In Israel we have already left, and since last Sunday the over 60s have begun to receive the so-called “call”; this is a category of fragile people who will most likely be followed by another, those who first received the vaccine in December 2020 / January 2021. Similar situation in Germany, where, also in this case, the third dose will concern the elderly and frail, and the administration will start in September. Finally the UK, another nation that is getting serious about it, and that should leave, as well as the Germans, next month. In Italy for now it is discussing scientific data waiting for more certain numbers, but it is very likely that the call will be triggered shortly even in our territory. The important thing, as he recalls with Google with his Doodle, is “book the anti covid vaccine”. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


Always linked to current events and anniversaries, just think of the one dedicated to Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Google doodle today, Wednesday, August 4, 2021, is dedicated to the pandemic: “Book the anti-Covid vaccine” is the title of the initiative, present on networks almost all over the world. The message is clear: an invitation to take part in the vaccination campaign to archive a dark season and finally get out of the tunnel. But not only that, because the message also consists of two other requests: “Wear a mask. Save lives “.

In presenting the doodle titled “Book the anti-Covid vaccine”, Google has explained that it wants to take a stand considering that Covid-19 continues to have a strong impact on communities around the world, asking the people of the web to find a vaccination point nearby, so as to join the campaign, and providing a series of advice for prevention.


The vaccination campaign it is proceeding at different speeds in different countries. As we all know, Italy travels at an average of 500,000 doses administered per day. To date, nearly 70 million vaccines have been administered, with over 33 million people vaccinated, or 61.30% of the population over 12. Google’s message with the campaign “Book the anti-Covid vaccine” however, it does not stop at anti-coronavirus drugs. As you can also see on the beautiful image that stands out in the home of the search engine, the masks play a fundamental role. And the message is clear: “Wearing the mask saves lives”. Without of course forgetting the other safety measures that we have learned about after a year and a half of battle: hand sanitation, safety distance, in addition to the various indications to prevent transmission.


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