Switch to WindTre GO 100 Star Plus: minutes, 200 sms and 100 Giga for 7.99 euros by 9 August 2021 – MondoMobileWeb.it

Switch to WindTre GO 100 Star Plus: minutes, 200 sms and 100 Giga for 7.99 euros by 9 August 2021 – MondoMobileWeb.it
Switch to WindTre GO 100 Star Plus: minutes, 200 sms and 100 Giga for 7.99 euros by 9 August 2021 – MondoMobileWeb.it

The winback offer WindTre GO 100 Star Plus, composed by 100 Giga, minutes and 200 SMS every month, it can be activated these days by some former WindTre customers that are contacted via SMS by the operator.

Those who decide to activate the offer do not have to support no activation costs. Furthermore, the price related to the purchase of the SIM is also shown free.

Costs and bundles of the WindTre offer

WindTre GO 100 Star Plus offers in detail a monthly bundle of unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 200 SMS to all national numbers e 100 Giga of data traffic in 4G + at the cost of 7.99 euros per month on residual credit.

In EU and UK roaming, due to the limit for data traffic are available 4,4 Giga monthly, however the included minutes and SMS can be used under the same national conditions.

The on-call service I’ve looked for you and free listening to the Voice mail in Italy and in the European Union they are both included at no additional cost.

How and when to activate the offer

Once the message has been received, it is possible to subscribe to the offer exclusively at the participating points of sale, by August 9, 2021. However, it is not excluded that WindTre can send the same proposal with different deadlines.

Here is the text of the winback SMS sent by the operator:

Summer is here! For you 100 GIGA, 200 SMS and unlimited minutes at 7.99E / month on the new WINDTRE Top Quality Network. Activation and SIM FREE in our stores by 09/08. Details on further costs in case of use and privacy information on windtre.it/go100splus/

New Basic and other details

With all the new WindTre SIM cards, starting from 18 January 2021 is expected the New Basic rate plan, which is basically renewed at a cost of 4 euros per month, but as long as the main offer remains active no amount is charged.

Customers can instead voluntarily activate the service Acknowledgment SMS, incurring a cost of 29 euro cents for each notification event.

As for the premium services, these come locked by default on all new WindTre rechargeable SIM cards.

Extra-threshold costs with WindTre

One time consumed all data bundle available, to continue browsing you have to incur a cost of 99 euro cents per 1 Giga of internet traffic, usable until 11:59 pm of the same day in which it was activated.

If you use the entire Giga before the indicated time, the internet connection is blocked until the next day.

If the customer instead, it ends the included SMS, with WindTre GO 100 Star Plus a price of 29 euro cents for each message sent.

Finally, it should be noted that the voice traffic included with the offer is unlimited, except for use contrary to good faith and correctness or for purposes other than personal use, in accordance with the provisions of the General Contract Conditions.

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Advance of traffic in case of delayed charging

In case of non-renewal for insufficient credit, the included traffic is not blocked, but it will be made available in advance for 1 calendar day until 23:59, at a cost of 0.99 euros.

If the credit is still insufficient on the following day, following the unilateral amendment that came into force on July 26, 2021, the traffic included is made available again for a further 4 days, at a cost of € 1.99.

These amounts do not apply if the service is active Self-charging. The traffic advance is also applied in the event that the credit goes to zero following the payment of an activation fee or any other periodic price, with the exception of costs relating to roaming offers.

This method is available several times per calendar month of reference and only if the amount due for previous debits has been fully paid. The traffic advance does not apply to pay-as-you-go WindTre offers that do not include traffic.

At the end of the days in which the included traffic is anticipated, if the credit is still insufficient, the SIM will remain active in reception or to make emergency calls.

The cost will be charged in the first useful top-up, in addition to the renewal of the offer or the activation fee. To charge the cost of the option, if the credit is insufficient, the amount available at the time of the debit is used, while the remaining part is automatically charged at the first top-up for an amount not exceeding that due in the last month.

Further info

The offer can be used with optional rechargeable to communicate abroad, but at the same time it’s not compatible with Telephone Included and with the convergence of Super Fiber fixed network offers.

The tariff offers of mobile operators may be subject to unilateral changes over time. In these cases WindTre notifies the customer one month in advance, as required by current legislation.

Those who do not receive any winback SMS can still activate other offers in the range WindTre GO directly online and at the participating stores, but exclusively with portability of the number from certain operators.

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