FIFA 22 | Pro Club attempts the leap in quality: faster and RPG

The modality package FIFA 22 will continue to rely on Pro Club, a feature perhaps obscure for less “pro” fans who generally dedicate themselves to Career and, above all, FUT, but which represents a stable presence for the franchise for years – and perhaps one of the most ambitious from a purely technical point of view.

For the new edition, at the great request of the small circle that benefits from it, EA Sports has seen fit to expand the functionality of this mode and add new ones, based on three cornerstones that – as illustrated in a digital event behind closed doors reserved to the press – they will rewrite the rules of the game on FIFA 22.

First of all, Pro Club is now seen as a “streamlined” social experience, much faster and more fluid in use, so that you can start playing immediately with friends. Add to this a completely redefined progression of our player and more options for aesthetic customization, both for the player and for the club he will be a part of.

Pro Club also wants to get a makeover for FIFA 22

Pro Club drop-in

When we talked about the “streamlined” experience, the biggest reference is to the functionality of the Pro Club Drop-in. This is a new way to play casual games in total relaxation with friends or with those who are called “like-minded individuals”, or people who are looking for our same gaming experience.

Once the Drop-in has started, you will find yourself in a lobby that includes a maximum of four players gathered together “under the same roof”: these can arrive either from matchmaking or at the invitation of the guest, and here the host can decide the role of each player based on his characteristics. The lobby integrates a voice chat which, if necessary, can be changed in order not to annoy others.

In all likelihood, this is the fastest way to start playing with friends, something that Electronic Arts – through all the other modalities that we will deepen in the course of the month – is trying to encourage in every way, presumably leaving individualism to areas. specifics of the title such as the aforementioned FUT and Career.

Pro Club will be more role-playing and more social than in the past

Similarly, it is plausible that this tool is used above all by groups of friends, who will perhaps want to guide newbies to the mode by the hand or enjoy a session between a chat and the other with people they know: certainly, with the speed of access. which was briefly shown to us in the presentation, is a very interesting tool for these purposes.

Player growth

One aspect that was debated for a long time during the presentation we witnessed, and not only with regard to Pro Clubs, is the growth of the player. EA Sports has integrated several new elements intended to provide a FIFA 22 a slight role-playing component, including boosts to select for your player and attributes to improve every time you level up.

In each type of activity it will be possible to earn experience points (whether it is the new Drop-in, the friendlies, the championship …) and, at the end of each match, we will have an experience bar that will fill up based on the actions we will have done, such as goals and tackles, as well as a score based on the vote and on how we will have played, both in defense and in attack.

In the demo that was shown to us we saw the transition from level 2 to level 3, with which they were earned 4 skill points and 2 perks. These are unlocked exactly like in the Player Career, which we will be able to talk about later in the month, and specifically they were Last Defender and Clutch Save (you will notice even after that in EA Sports there are defense fans and as Italians we can only be happy ).

In our in-depth analysis of the gameplay we were able to highlight the introduction of new statistics such as heatmaps and expected goals. These are also included in the Pro Club experience: the statistics are very detailed and include, in addition to a summary, details on possession, shooting, passing, defense and saves, clearly with growing interest in each one based on the role played.

In short, whether it is about understanding how and having to be able to improve, or whether we are talking about then having the right tools to implement intelligent player growth, FIFA 22 provides everything you need to enhance your budding footballer according to everyone’s wishes: an improvement that does not seem insignificant.

Archetypes and perks

On the topic of customization, players will have the ability to choose and perform an on-the-fly switch between 5 unique play styles, with as many different roles without altering their appearance: we have seen striker, midfielder, central defender and goalkeeper, so everyone is there. Within each of them, there will be skill trees, similar to those seen in Volta, where to distribute the skill points earned on the field in these categories:

  • Physicist
  • Defence
  • Dribbling
  • Ride
  • Threw
  • Corsa
  • Parade
Get ready to indulge yourself with customizations

Upon completion of each skill tree you can unlock an archetype, which is in fact a special skill with a higher cost (18 points) that fully defines the identity of our player. In the demo we saw the Guardian archetype, which significantly improves interception, defensive awareness, tackles and slips in defense.

In addition, perks have been introduced, which are called “gameplay boost” and are obtained by leveling up as we described a few lines ago. These boosts are activated by completing certain actions throughout a match, but must be selected before starting to play, and you can choose a maximum of three per match.

Some examples we have seen:

  • Defensive closer: increases defensive attributes in the last 15 minutes + recovery
  • Assist streak: After an assist for a goal, increase passing attributes for 15 minutes
  • Active first touch: after a first check increases ball control, acceleration and sprint
  • Skilled dribbler: Increase dribbling and skill moves after doing one

In short, both during the match and before, we will be able to have a decisive impact on the performance of our player, determining the established characteristics and those that have the opportunity to evolve during a match, where on the wings of enthusiasm for a particularly successful shot we will obtain the opportunity to do even better.

Two more things…

Pro Club is proposing to accomplish a real leap forward, and this will also pass for two details that should not be underestimated at all. The first, now that we’ve discussed player customization on an individual basis, concerns the customizzazione of the club at 360 degrees and from all points of view.

As we will see in the new Career, the modality has in fact incorporated all the innovations that have been made regarding the identity of the stadium and the squad: we will be able to touch up the grass and the stands of the structure that will host us, changing their format and color – whether we talk about the stadium as a whole or just the seats -, and even details such as the chants that will come from the fans in the curve or the song that will start at each goal (in a voice called “Atmosfera”) and the network will be covered.

With this in mind, Pro Club will no longer be the son of a lesser god, as has frequently happened in recent years, but will introduce an expansion of its mechanics which will go hand in hand with the rest of the game. The expansion also involved the options already available, with more kits and logos or simply balls to be used at home.

Finally, a second novelty that will please to lovers of representation and diversity: players will be able to create female athletes and see them compete in mixed 11v11 matches against other male footballers. As in the other modes, women will have a set of peculiar animations both in terms of movements and a totally customizable look.


FIFA 22 tries to raise the average bar on the content it proposes and this process does not leave behind, for the first time after a few iterations, Pro Club, which has modeled itself in one direction role-playing – the same one undertaken in other areas of the game – e social at the same time, focusing everything on the immediacy of the experience and the possibility of joining friends in more relaxed sessions. An extra arrow in the arc of a title that makes its content depth a trademark.

If you want to take it home FIFA 22, we point out that you can do it at the minimum guaranteed price of Amazon.

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