DVB-T2 Smart TV under 100 euros, offer or mistake?

DVB-T2 Smart TV under 100 euros, offer or mistake?
DVB-T2 Smart TV under 100 euros, offer or mistake?

Less than 100 euros for a Smart TV compatible with the DVB-T2 standard. Great price, right? This is what Unieuro proposes, which among other things also offers an extra 5% discount directly in the cart. However, it is unclear whether this is actually an offer or a simple mistake.

Going further into detail, the SABA SA24S45N1 model, a 24-inch Smart TV with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, is sold for 99.99 euros on the official Unieuro portal. However, sadly at the time of this writing the product is “Not Available”, but it is possible to be notified of any availability. Obviously we tried to search for this specific model also on the official portals of MediaWorld and Amazon Italy, but without finding anything.

Hence the doubt arises: it is an offer or an error? We consulted WayBack Machine to try to understand it, discovering that in the past the product was offered at a higher price but that it could be in line with the current cost. In fact, the TV was sold for 139 euros, so a 40 euros discount could prove to be “plausible”.

In any case, unfortunately there is not much else online about this specific model, which seems not to be on sale in the main stores. However, you can take a look at the specifications on SABA’s official website, as well as find a test from Altroconsumo indicating how average price 119 euros. In short, perhaps the “mystery” is solved and it could really be an offer.

Given the situation, you may want to press the “Notify availability” button: you never know. On the other hand, given the issue of postponing the switch-off linked to DVB-T2, you may have more time than expected. In short, this time we have dealt with an unusual issue, but certainly the Unieuro proposal could be viewed with interest by a certain type of user.


DVBT2 Smart euros offer mistake

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