Dismissals via chat, the case in the majority. Pd: “At stake rights and civilization, the government reports”. But everyone has accepted the release and reform of shock absorbers and active policies is not there

The delay of the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando in launching the reform of shock absorbers e active policies, although in the meantime the government has also decided on pressure from Confindustria not to extend the block of layoffs, presents the bill. And it becomes a case in the government – with one passing the buck which involves the owner of the Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti – and in his own party. The fuse is a new warning given to the workers by message, this time by the multinational Logista – after Brianza Gianetti wheels and Tuscany Gkn who had sent emails. Monday the union Yes Cobas spread the communication sent to employees via Whatsapp: “From Monday she will be dispensed from his working activity. Best regards”. Today the parties have noticed and since Pd the announcements of interrogations to the government (by the presidential secretary of the Chamber Andrea De Maria) and requests for report to the Chamber. The dem exponents, however, despite the matter being the responsibility of the former deputy secretary of the party, above all call into question the need for a “industrial policy“, Which Giorgetti deals with.

The fact remains that Orlando since he joined the Draghi government announces ad horas the presentation of the new universal subsidies for those who remain unemployed and of new tools for find a new job for the unemployed, but so far nothing done: in all probability we will talk about it again in the autumn, in view of the maneuver. This is while companies are starting to initiate the dismissal procedures postponed in the expiry of the block.

“Which we are not talking about bon ton (the reference is to the medium used, a message on whatsapp, ed), it’s a question of work, rights, civilization. A country where you are fired overnight via chat, and we are talking about economically healthy territories such as Emilia and Tuscany, cannot be called a civilized country “, thundered. Filippo Sensi during the intervention in the House on the reform of the justice, reading the message of Logista and asking the government to report. Same turn of phrase for the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano su twitter: “It is not a question of asking for bon ton, but to reaffirm the civilization of work sanctioned by the Constitution. They are needed rules to defend ourselves and sanction these behaviors, and above all one industrial policy to promote the good production and work in the restart “. The last sentence follows the one pronounced by Orlando, in his own defense, to comment on the Gkn and Gianetti cases: “These are events that do not depend on the release of layoffs. The theme is how to counter and discourage relocation and focus on new industrial policies “. Theme that, not surprisingly, belongs to the Northern League Giorgetti. Which in turn, he defined “inevitable”The layoffs specifying that however“ they cannot happen in this way from the Far West ”. In short, it passing the buck it served.

From Leu the senator Francesco Laforgia, who presented a question to Orlando, then argues that “Many companies continue to fail to respect the agreements that the government has made with the unions”, even if thecommon notice signed at Palazzo Chigi has nothing mandatory and only says that the social partners “yes engage a recommend the use of social safety nets“As an alternative to the termination of employment relationships. It is no coincidence that at the end of July the general secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra e Pierpaolo Bombardieri, wrote to Prime Minister Mario Draghi asking for the convocation of a meeting for a “first check” on its application and on the “reconversion e reorganization in place on the entire production and manufacturing, transport and logistics system “.

Meanwhile, from the opposition, the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, during the program ‘Agorà Estate’ speaks of “disaster”: “It makes me disgust a country in which a company can delete with a text message via WhatsApp people’s life. These episodes are multiplying from North to South, and all these cases have the same characteristics and the same modalities. So when we are discussing security, and in this period there is a lot of discussion about it from Covid-19 to migrants, you should be able to put this word in the right place. The first security we need is called social security ”.

Brothers of Italy also seizes the ball and attacks the government: “What is happening with Logista is nothing other than the consequence ofabsence of programming of the Ministry and the Government which, after a year and a half of blocking layoffs, did not know to plan no concrete solution to avoid these situations. A story made even more serious by the fact that nothing has to do with the company’s decisions economic or health crisis, since it is a choice of reorganization made on the skin of workers and their families. It is necessary that all institutions, including those of the territories where it is intended to relocate the Bolognese plant, give a clear response to the company “, write the deputies of Fratelli d’Italia Walter Rizzetto e Galeazzo Bignami, national manager of the FDI production worlds department.

Meanwhile, Logistic Time srl specifies that it met its employees yesterday, 2 August – which, however, was the day when, according to the message, they were already exempt from work – and “to have them get informed the gradual reduction of operating activities at the Bologna site, whose closing is scheduled for August 31, 2021“. In addition, the company continues, “in view of the changed operational needs, a message was also sent to shift workers dispensing them, albeit paid, from the working day on Monday 2 August 2021 in order to organize the activities of the site, which it does not take the form of a dismissal letter“. The Metropolitan City has announced the activation of the Safeguard Table for August 4th.

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