the bulletin of August 3, 2021

the bulletin of August 3, 2021
the bulletin of August 3, 2021

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03 August 2021 18:00

Swabs double and the number of Coronavirus positives in Sicily is growing. In the last 24 hours, 809 new cases were recorded out of 14,296 swabs processed (yesterday they were 262 out of 7,718 tests carried out), with the positivity rate rising from 3.4% to 5.7%. This is what can be deduced from the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, according to which the island is the first for contagions and daily deaths in Italy.

The current positives are 11,757, with an increase of another 408 cases. The healed are 395; 6 victims with the total deaths remaining at 6,056. On the hospital front there are now 370 hospitalized in the ordinary regime (+16), while those in intensive care are 32 (-2).

At the provincial level, there are 196 new cases in Palermo, 102 in Catania, 38 in Messina, 40 in Syracuse, 71 in Trapani, 151 in Ragusa, 63 in Caltanissetta, 119 in Agrigento and 29 in Enna.

Vaccines, open days until 24 August

The open days will continue until Tuesday 24 August: the initiative wanted by the Sicilian Region to encourage the vaccination campaign against Covid. The decision to further implement the activity was taken by the Department of Health, in consideration of the increase in positives to the virus. The administrations, which will take place mainly with Pfizer and Moderna serums, will be carried out in all the companies of the regional health service, compatibly with the activities planned by them for the current month.

The situation at the national level

  • New cases: 4,845, yesterday 3,190
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 209,719, yesterday 83,223
  • Currently positive: 94,216, yesterday 93,017
  • Hospitalized: 2,196, yesterday 2,070 (+126)
  • Hospitalized in ICU: 258 of which 26 new, (+9)
  • Deaths after a positive swab: 128,115, yesterday 128,088 (+20)
  • Discharged / Healed: 4,141,043


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