Covid and vaccines, the third dose arrives. From Israel to Germany: the recall plan

Covid and vaccines, the third dose arrives. From Israel to Germany: the recall plan
Covid and vaccines, the third dose arrives. From Israel to Germany: the recall plan

The Delta variant continues to scare the world. THE Covid contagion do not stop and Europe sets a new record: more than 60 million coronavirus infections have been registered on the continent, with a dramatic toll of over 1.2 million deaths. And the prospects for the future risk not being the brightest, with the regional office of the World Health Organization warning: “The end of the pandemic is not yet on the horizon”. Precisely for this reason the various countries are discussing the issue of third dose, the additional vaccine administration Pfizer believes he will have “neutralizing effects on the Delta variant”.

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Israel has been a forerunner in the world, administering from Sunday the third dose for over 60s. So far, some 45,000 Israelis over the age of 60 or with fragile immune systems have already received the additional dose of the Covid vaccine, but Prime Minister Naftali Bennett would like to accelerate even more. Meanwhile, it is ready to take the experimentation on the first oral vaccine. The pharmaceutical company Oramed has received approval from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center to start one clinical trial on 24 volunteers unvaccinated and will check whether the lozenge induces to generate antibodies and, if so, at what level. The group said it plans to start testing for its own Oravax pill next month, as soon as final approval is received by the Ministry of Health. Company CEO Nadav Kidron said the vaccine targets three virus surface proteins, while most others only target one, and added that it targets proteins that aren’t prone to mutations, suggesting that this will keep the vaccine effective in the face of new variants. “Our vaccine is a particularly strong candidate against Covid evolution due to its unique targeting of three proteins instead of one.”

The Germany will offer to the elderly and people at risk a third dose of Covid vaccine starting in September. This was announced by the German health ministry, citing concerns about “a reduced or rapidly weakened immune response”. The new booster, with Pfizer or Moderna, will also be offered to those who have already received two doses of Astrazeneca or the single from Johnson & Johnson, the ministry added. But not only. In addition to the green light for the third dose, the health ministers of the 16 German Laender have unanimously decided to extend the vaccination offer to all children aged 12 to 17.

“Anyone who wants can be vaccinated in the summer. We have enough doses for all age groups”, the words of the Minister of Health Jens Spahn in reference to children aged 12 to 17 who decide to be vaccinated after receiving the clarifications and explanations of the doctor. So far the central vaccination commission, Stiko, has not recommended vaccinating young people in this age group for lack of experimental data. At the moment, vaccination is recommended by Stiko only for children suffering from previous diseases.

In UK, as infections continue to decline, the government of Boris Johnson prepares a plan for the administration of the third dose which would be reserved for now, according to the media, at “most vulnerable people” such as the elderly, chronically ill, subject to risk of respiratory infection. The campaign should start in September. A spokesperson for the health ministry confirmed that London is getting on “preparing for a recall plan” vaccinations, but the details of a final decision will be made public “in due course”, also on the basis of ad hoc studies still underway.

In Italy, the debate on whether or not to resort to the third dose has begun. According to the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza, “There is still indecision. There is no strong evidence to be able to say that we will give the third dose to everyone “. While for the coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, Franco Locatelli,” the additional dose undoubtedly increases the immunological memory against the coronavirus and this could be useful for particularly vulnerable people “. But such a choice “must be adopted by health institutions or agencies”.

The Delta variant has become “dominant on the Continent” but approved coronavirus vaccines “remain effective”. This was stated by the executive director of the EMA, Emer Cooke, in an interview with “There is some reduction in effectiveness but it is not significant,” he explained. Regarding the third dose He further pointed out: “At the moment there is not enough data to indicate that a recall is necessary. For some populations, the need may be starting to be seen, which does not mean that there is a need for it universally in the whole population,” he added. Cooke.

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