M5s, members say yes to the new statute. Thursday the vote for Conte president. Him: “Starting point, a social political project that marks the new course”

The 5 Star Movement has a new statute. They decided it subscribers, which in addition 60mila (60,940) voted on the platform Skyvote on the changes proposed by the former premier and leader in pectore Giuseppe Conte. Over 87% of those who voted in favor (53,238), while i contrary have reached the share of 12%. A plebiscite forApulian lawyer, which is now preparing to face the second vote, the one on the president of Movement: as announced by the regent Vito Crime, the election will always be held online from 10 am on Thursday 5 August to 10 pm on Friday 6 August. The latter will officially be the ride who, barring twists, will officially crown Giuseppe Conte leader of the movement founded by Beppe Grillo e Gianroberto Casaleggio. “The statute is a milestone because it transforms one instrument purely organizational in one identity. It gives us an identity and this is a novelty ”said Vito Crimi in the direct Facebook in which the details of the online voting were announced. “Giuseppe Conte’s proposals will give new impetus to the M5S” added the senator, who underlined that the vote on the statute was “a moment of great democracy”, adding that “there have been numerous attempts to attack, and continue but the SkyVote infrastructure has rejected any attempted intrusion ”.

The response of Giuseppe Conte was not long in coming, and during the day he obtained two personal victories: the holding of the 5-star Movement in the vote in the Chamber on the reform of justice (only 16 absent among the grillini) and the convinced yes to the changes to the statute. “Today is a great day, a great celebration of democratic participation, in particular for all those who identify with the political-social project that marks the new course of the 5 Star Movement – he wrote in a post on Facebook – The voting of members. The quorum on first call has been exceeded and the new Statute, together with the Charter of Principles and Values, have been approved by 87.36% of the members ”.

After the usual thanks to those who voted and to Vito Crimi, Conte analyzed and explained the meaning of today’s vote: “With the new statute, the Movement is equipped with a new structure, with new bodies and new roles, with new rules useful for to regulate internal life and external relations – he explained – Many principles are instead confirmed, valued and strengthened: among these that of direct and participatory democracy, which remains the founding element of our community. We are what we believe in – added Conte – We believe in participatory democracy as an engine to give even more strength to our presence in the territories and institutions. Today’s vote is not a point of arrival, but of restart. We have a great job to do, and as always we have to do it all together. Courage!”.

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