David Tobini, apparently killed in Afghanistan. I pm: “It was friendly fire”

David Tobini, apparently killed in Afghanistan. I pm: “It was friendly fire”
David Tobini, apparently killed in Afghanistan. I pm: “It was friendly fire”

Manslaughter. No “Taliban” killed David Tobini, the Roman paratrooper who died during a firefight in the Bala Murghab desert in Afghanistan on that cursed 25 July 2011. It was a fellow soldier who fired from “close range”. Exactly ten years have passed to know the truth about that death that never convinced Annarita Lo Mastro, mother of David and for all Mamma Folgore. She was right. Yesterday, the court of Rome put pen to paper what until the day before was a hypothesis, albeit supported by the detailed facts. Manslaughter therefore “not recognizing itself as different, further criminal offenses,” writes the investigating judge Roberta Conforti in the ordinance. A victory, however, that leaves a bad taste in the mouth: ten years have now passed, the crime of manslaughter has been prescribed and, therefore, it will not be possible to proceed with the trial.

Parà fell in Afghanistan, his mother to the Minister of Defense: “Let us clarify the missing letter”

Parà killed in Afghanistan, the mystery of the last letter to his mother. “It has been made to disappear”

But in the papers of the magistrates of piazzale Clodio all the passages that did not apply in the Tobini case are clearly explained. In particular, the judge agreed with David’s mother’s lawyers about the position inside the trench, the shooting position and the origin of the shot. All doubts on which today to clarify there is an order of the Court of Rome. The corporal chosen David Tobini was wounded from behind and not from the front as reported from the beginning of this story, analysis, reports and documents starting from the first autopsy carried out on the body of the Italian military. «The blow that Tobini has taken – the judge’s order reads – came from back to front, from bottom to top and from left to right. It can therefore be reasonably excluded that this shot came from the west, where it is located at a distance of 500 – 600 meters, the insurgent who fired the fatal shot ». So who is it that would have shot David? One of the few names in the ordinance is that of Tobini’s coppio, the corporal chosen by Luigi Russo. For the magistrates of Piazzale Clodio there is no doubt: he would have told the false on several occasions regarding the dynamics on the death of the Roman parà. The investigating judge writes: «The statements by Russo, on which Ris bases his conclusions, must be subjected to careful scrutiny, since his position on the right or on the left of Tobini is not indifferent. In this regard, Russo reported that he was placed – continues the judge – to the right of Tobini, but this is to be excluded », the investigating judge explains. “I expect that those who for years closed the doors in the face of mother Anna Rita – says the lawyer Paolo Pirani who follows the Tobini case – will take their responsibilities and immediately initiate disciplinary proceedings against those who have been found guilty by the investigating judge ‘ to have made information inconsistent and untruthful. For this reason, it is a duty of the Ministry of Defense to start from the reasons set out in the ordinance and to initiate all the measures of competence ». «There are still too many things that don’t add up – comments Annarita Lo Mastro, mother of David Tobini – I remember that there is a letter that was never delivered to me with my son’s last words. At this point who says to me that the murder of my son David is only negligent? And if it was an accident, why not admit it instead of continuing to lie and sidetrack? We will go on, we are already ready with the request to open a parliamentary inquiry. I want to publicly write the name of whoever killed my son. And I appeal to the military prosecutor that anyone who lied, and today finally says a magistrate, pay severely because in any case he has dishonored the uniform, not only his but also that of my son and an entire body “.



David Tobini apparently killed Afghanistan friendly fire

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