Top 10 Crypto Trades In July, Bitcoin Interest Tumbles By

Top 10 Crypto Trades In July, Bitcoin Interest Tumbles By
Top 10 Crypto Trades In July, Bitcoin Interest Tumbles By – A growing number of investors continue to choose digital currencies as an investment asset, with some cryptocurrencies attracting far more attention than others.

According to new data from, in addition to, and, the three most traded cryptocurrencies in the world, other virtual currencies also saw an increase in trading volume in July. Here is the list of the ten most traded cryptocurrencies last month:

Volumes on Bitcoin almost halved

Data from CoinMarketCap showed that the is still the most important coin in the crypto space, with a monthly trading volume of $ 1.48 trillion in July, almost the same value as the previous month. Market capitalization, on the other hand, dropped slightly to $ 61.8 billion from $ 62.4 billion on the first day of last month.

Other major cryptocurrencies saw a significant drop in 30-day purchase volume. The price of the world’s most expensive cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose 26% to reach $ 41,963 last week, but the volume nearly halved from around $ 1.2 trillion to $ 642.7 billion.

Ethereum also experienced a significant drop, with its monthly trading volume dropping 43% to $ 505.9 billion. However, its market capitalization increased nearly 30% over this period, from $ 237.8 billion to $ 303.5 billion.

EOS, the fourth most traded crypto in June, failed to make it to the top 10. Statistics show that its trading volume plummeted 92% on a monthly basis, from $ 288.9 billion to “just” $ 21 billion.

Although its trading volume dropped 25% to $ 194.4 billion, the, Elon Musk’s most expensive coin, still climbed one point to fourth most traded crypto. completes the top five with $ 125.2 billion in volumes traded.

Interest in PlayDapp and WETH is growing

At the bottom of the list, the statistics show interesting changes. ,, Chainlink and Stellar, which had impressive trading volume in June, failed to secure a spot in last month’s top ten.

The trading volume of, the ninth most traded cryptocurrency in June, plummeted 53% to $ 76.7 billion, but the crypto used for products developed by Ripple Labs ranked as the seventh most traded digital currency in July.

CoinMarketCap data showed two new entries. With $ 92.8 billion in volume, PlayDapp has become the sixth most popular coin. Furthermore, statistics show that the price of the token used in the PlayDapp Blockchain gaming ecosystem to buy and sell NFT items increased by 233% over the reporting period from $ 0.1681 to $ 0.5608.

The other rookie is WETH, or Wrapped Ethereum, which ranked seventh with 61.7 billion volumes over 30 days.

USD Coin closes the ranking and, with respectively $ 55.8 billion and $ 52.7 billion in monthly exchanges.

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