buffers for all inhabitants, towards the mandatory Green Pass for ships, trains and airplanes

The latest news in real time on the Covid-19 in Italy and in the world, the updates and data of today, Tuesday 3 August. In yesterday’s bulletin 3,190 cases and 23 deaths. Agents: 4% of posts occupied in the ward, 3% intensive care. The study: “Divide Italy into zone avoided 25 thousand hospitalizations in November “. Party in Pantelleria: 70 positive and three intubated. -3 days until the green pass, which will be extended to planes, ships and long-distance trains. Trade unions in Draghi: “Ok to the green certificate, but not to fire”. The vaccination campaign in Italy continues: so far 69,200,779 doses have been administered and 36,335,678 people have completed the vaccination cycle. Vaccine the boys: ok of the Bioethics Committee, but “no” to the obligation. WHO: “Double dose of AstraZeneca less effective than vaccine mix “.

Worldwide, over 198 million Covid cases and 4.22 million deaths. Vaccinated on 60% from the European population. In Iran over 37 thousand cases in 24 hours: never so many. China: the virus returns to Wuhan, tampons for all inhabitants. In Tokyo, the number of new cases related to Olympic Games. Iceland, boom in infections: Saturday +158 new cases (on 19 July they were zero). And the Germany the UK is preparing to vaccinate elderly and at-risk people with a third dose starting in September, including the UK on this line.

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Illegal drug offer, Nas carabinieri obscure 95 websites

Between June and July, the Nas Carabinieri blocked 95 websites, located on foreign servers, on which various types of drugs related to the pandemic emergency from Covid-19 were promoted and offered, also in Italian. In addition to a series of medicines bearing various therapeutic indications and subject to prescription, which can only be sold in pharmacies, the military has identified the offer of products containing active ingredients subject to particular restrictions of use and specific indications for clinical or experimental use. in relation to Sars-Cov-2 infection such as the antivirals lopinavir / ritonavir, the antibiotic azithromycin, the antivirals remdesivir and ribavirin, the antimalarials chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and the anti-inflammatory colchicine. There were also announcements relating to the hospital drug tocilizumab, used for the treatment of severe rheumatoid arthritis for which Aifa, with a note dated June 20211, regulated the use in the treatment of adults hospitalized with severe Covid-19 and / or with high levels of systemic inflammation indices.

That’s when the green pass could become mandatory for planes, ships and trains)

Virologist Pregliasco: “Fundamental certification for vaccinated abroad”

The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco

“Not recognizing the green pass for those who have vaccinated in non-European countries is absurd. We need to speed up the procedures for equating vaccination certifications. Only in this way will we avoid situations that can create great difficulties for those who travel for work or even for vacation “. Thus Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist and Health Director of the Irccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan, in an interview with the Messenger.

China, infections in Wuhan: tampons for all inhabitants

Swabs on all the inhabitants of Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic started last year and where there have been no cases since June last year. This was decided by the local authorities, after seven new infections were registered on Monday. According to the Global Times, a resident of the Zhuankou district, who tested positive in a test conducted on Sunday, infected six other people, belonging to a group of tourists from Huaian, in the province of Jiangsu. All were hospitalized.

The authorities of Wuhan, a city with 11 million inhabitants, have meanwhile ordered the closure of all schools, ordering to speed up the vaccination of students and teachers, while the level of risk has been raised to medium.

Japan, over 8 thousand cases in the last 24 hours

Japan’s health authorities have reported 8,393 new coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, almost double the number on Monday last week. The toll includes 2,195 new cases diagnosed in Tokyo; in the prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, near the capital, 1,686 were diagnosed respectively. 787 and 762 new cases. The weekly average of daily cases increased in Tokyo by 106.9 percent to 3,214.4 cases

US, FDA authorizes antibody therapy for unvaccinated

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized an antibody treatment to be activated within 96 hours of exposure to Covid for the unvaccinated and immunosuppressed. The Axios agency reports it. This type of therapy should not be considered a replacement for the vaccine but a type of intervention that would limit the effects of the infection,
before it leaves the nose and throat, to attack the lungs. The drug Regen-Cov, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Regeneron, can be given by injection. The first dose should be inoculated within 96 hours of exposure. People undergoing treatment must be unvaccinated or immunosuppressed, at high risk of infection, and remained in close contact with someone who tested positive. Clinical tests have shown that Regen-Cov can reduce the risk of developing symptoms by 30 percent by avoiding hospitalization. “It is a race – explained Myron Cohen, researcher at the University of North Carolina – between the ability to create antibodies capable of defending the lungs and the rest of the organism and the virus”.

Unions to Prime Minister Draghi: “Okay to the Green Pass, but not to sack”

Countdown to the entry into force of the Green Pass in three days. “Nothing against it but it is not a weapon to dismiss”, the unions told Prime Minister Mario Draghi yesterday. During the week, the school dossier should also come to the attention of the Government. “For us there is no trade union agreement that can sanction the vaccination obligation for workers, because a matter of this nature can only be sanctioned by a legislative norm”. This was stated by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini after the meeting held at Palazzo Chigi with Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the evening of Monday 2 August.

South Korea, the Delta Plus variant arrives: the first two cases registered

South Korean health authorities have diagnosed the first two cases of the “Delta plus” variant in the country. This was announced today, August 3, by the Agency for Disease Control and Prevention of Korea (Kdca). The so-called “Delta-plus” is a derivative of the Delta variant of the new coronavirus, isolated for the first time in India. The new variant acquired the mutation of the spike protein called K417N, the same as the Beta variant isolated for the first time in South Africa. To date, reports of the Delta plus variant have been sporadic, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal and India. The first case in South Korea was identified in a man of about 40 who has not returned from any travel abroad in the recent past.

The latest news on Coronavirus Covid 19 today, Tuesday 3 August

Emergency updates Covid-19 in Italy and in the world. In the last 24 hours, 3,190 new cases were recorded out of 83,223 swabs performed and 23 deaths. The rate of positivity is al 3,8%, hospitalizations in the medical area and in intensive care are on the rise. Here is the detail region by region:

  • Lombardy: +326
  • Veneto: +460
  • Campania: + 194
  • Emilia-Romagna: +560
  • Piedmont: +138
  • Lazio: +292
  • Puglia: +66
  • Tuscany: +452
  • Sicily: +262
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +22
  • Walking: + 65
  • Liguria: +40
  • Abruzzo: +25
  • P.A. Bolzano: +3
  • Calabria: +67
  • Sardinia: +178
  • Umbria: +22
  • P.A. Trento: +12
  • Basilicata: +31
  • Molise: +0
  • Aosta Valley: +2

Countdown to the entry into force of the green pass, in three days. During the week, the government should decide on the introduction of the mandatory green certificate to access long-distance planes, ships and trains. Agents: 10% hospitalizations in Sicily, 9% intensive in Sardinia Sardinia, which went from 5% to 9% in a week, is the region that sees the greatest growth in intensive care units occupied by Covid patients, followed by Lazio and Sicily at 5%.

The Covid back to Wuhan, in China, after months of absence: seven migrant workers tested positive. “The 60% of all adults in the European Union are now fully vaccinated “. The president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile the Germany prepares to vaccinate the elderly and people at risk with a third dose starting in September. This was announced by the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn,


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