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Electricity bills, costs are a mess. Because we have to be wary of offers

The first monitoring of the sector authority finally arrives. The results are disheartening. The hidden convenience and transparency too. Definitely negative news for consumers who, far from benefiting from the free market, are prey to offers that are at least opaque. It is important to understand more.

Let’s do the math (Unsplash)

Arera monitored 5,000 offers on the free market. He analyzed them in a filigree way and unfortunately he had to confirm the worst scenarios feared by consumer associations. The protected market will soon disappear. From 2023 this market will no longer exist, theoretically “old” and closed to the opportunities of free competition, at least this in theory …

It was necessary to photograph the free market system and this was done for the first time by “monitoring the retail markets for electricity and gas”. It was signed by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Arera). Examining the precious report, a very unedifying fact emerges: for Italians, the advantages of free competition turn out to be a myth. In reality on the five thousand offers examined. Let’s see them in detail. Even 90.18% of offers relating to gas in the free market are inconvenient compared to the protected market. It is truly incredible that the forest of bombastic offers and promises of bargain prices from which we are invaded, turns out to be a lie of such proportions.

A system that doesn’t work


On the electricity front we are even worse. In this case, the most expensive offers compared to the counterparties with greater protection are even 95.28%. How can a system so damaging to users’ pockets hold up? The truth is that the free market only in theory allows an honest comparison and linear cost. In reality, things are different.

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Those who leave the free market almost never make a comparison between the various offers, simply is contacted by salespeople, either in person or over the phone, which in every way magnify the savings of a particular offer.

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Not surprisingly, consumer protection associations demand the survival of the protected market and that invoke tools that discourage the deceptive practices, so widespread


Electricity bills costs mess wary offers

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