Microsoft makes Windows 365 available and announces prices for Italy

Microsoft announced the full availability of Windows 365, its “Windows as a service” which allows you to access gods Cloud PC from any device. The company also announced pricing for the new service.

Microsoft 365 now available. Prices also announced

At Inspire 2021 Microsoft launched Windows 365, the new service with which it allows companies to access computers in the cloud, thus simplifying the management of hardware and software for external collaborators, interns and so on. We have already had the opportunity to talk about Windows 365 and why it is in effect a revolutionary service in the way it is provided, although technological innovations will probably arrive in the future.

Windows 365 prices range from € 21.9 per month for a machine with 1 virtual core, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space a € 147.5 per month for a machine with 8 vCPUs, 32GB of RAM and 512GB of disk space, with various configurations in between at prices ranging between these two extremes. The complete list of configurations and prices is available at this address.

Cloud PCs currently come with Windows 10, but will also be available with Windows 11 once this has been launched in a stable version by the end of 2021 (the press release we received states “when will it be available later this year”).

It should be noted that Microsoft is offering discounts through what it calls Windows Hybrid Benefit: If you use Windows 10 Pro on your device, the company offers a discount for the Windows 365 license of up to 16%. In absolute terms, however, this discount consists of € 3.7 applied more or less uniformly on the entire price list, as can be ascertained by comparing the prices within it.

These are prices that appear high in an absolute sense, but which are actually in line with the average market demands for renting virtual machines with similar characteristics, even with a Windows Server or Linux operating system. However, Windows 365 remains, even more so by virtue of the prices charged, at least initially intended for a niche of companies with very specific needs.

Microsoft makes more information available on the Windows 365 page.

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