Sala’s spur: “Don’t take our victory for granted. Every week we need to communicate something to the city”

After the definition of the eight lists in support of the re-nomination of Mayor Beppe Sala for the October elections (probable dates 3 and 4), the center-left decided on the candidates for the presidency of the nine municipalities of Milan. “I am very satisfied because we have complied with some of the pre-requisites I had given – explained Sala -: gender equality between men and women and also a mix of ages. Of the nine presidential candidates, five are under forty years old and this for it’s positive for me. The match played by the Municipalities is a very important one “.

Because “to become mayors you are born from the Municipalities. If they go well and you manage to find their consent, the chance of winning the elections increases”. The background of the presentation is via Demetrio Stratos, in the Citylife district. Sala called his people together: “Close your eyes and think of the Milan of fifteen years ago and ask yourself: has it improved or not?”. Then he spoke with realism about the election campaign. “Those who start first may not necessarily win, but they have some advantages. For example, the advantage of being here two months from the vote with our eight lists. We are traveling around the city, we have many candidates and for at least a time advantage that we must not waste because to do things well we must always see the point of arrival “.

Hence the invitation: “Every week you have to make a path because otherwise you won’t get it back”. The mayor cites the example of Expo 2015 and observes: “At the beginning the climate was depressed, but I told everyone: trust me. We must not throw a day away”. So he surprised everyone when he said: “I’m going out: I also want to clear the word serene – arousing some complicit smiles among those present – because we have to convey the word serenity in this electoral campaign. We are the ones who work for the good of others. And in the end we will come out with a positive memory anyway “.

Candidates for the presidency of the Municipalities. From left Natale Carapellese (City Hall 5), Simone Locatelli (2), Anita Pirovano (9), Giulia Pelucchi (8), Sala, Caterina Antola (3), Silvia Fossati (7), Mattia Abdu (1), Stefano Bianco ( 4). Manca Santo Minniti (City Hall 6) (frame)

And so here are the candidates for the nine presidencies. At Municipio 1, that of the historic center, the Sala committee focuses on Mattia Abdu, who has been an area councilor for 15 years. Simone Locatelli, a young zone councilor since 2011, is a candidate for Municipio 2. “Don’t assume that I’ll be mayor again – he puts his hands forward in presenting the candidate -. We have been governing Municipio 1 for ten years. Having looked at all the flows electoral it is not true that we are those of the center and we take them outside. It is not a correct simplification. It is true that in Municipality 2 we had some more difficulties and for this reason we chose a young man “.

At town hall 3 the Sala committee re-nominates the outgoing president Caterina Antola, whom the mayor affectionately calls “aunt Caterina”. Stefano Bianco, expert in legal information technology and current area councilor, runs for the presidency of Municipality 4. Natale Carapellese, outgoing councilor and president of Federconsumatori Lombardia, is running for the presidency of Municipality 5. “Thank goodness I have my back grosse “joked the candidate when the large hardcover that was the background to the presentation fell on him without causing consequences. “In any case, I was ready to intervene,” Sala immediately played down.

Santo Minniti, who was re-nominated to lead the City Hall 6, was not present but received the applause solicited by the mayor “in absentia”. Silvia Fossati, manager of a well-known brand in the integrated circuits and electronics sector, aims for the presidency of Municipality 7. The last two candidates for Municipality 8 and 9 are also footballers: Giulia Pelucchi, current vice president of Municipality 7, and Anita Pirovano, head of a progressive Milan group in the City Council and social psychologist, who runs to bring the guide of the area back to the center-left and comes up with the joke: “The others look to the past, we to the future. I hope to go from soccer player to coach “.

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