“So they disrespect”, the 40 “deserters” M5s on justice in their sights – Libero Quotidiano

“So they disrespect”, the 40 “deserters” M5s on justice in their sights – Libero Quotidiano
“So they disrespect”, the 40 “deserters” M5s on justice in their sights – Libero Quotidiano

A little irritation Giuseppe Conte tried it. Seeing 40 empty 5 Star Movement stations, just on the day the justice reform was being examined in the Chamber, the leader in pectoris lost his temper. “I wanted this meeting because I feel that we must always be clear in all steps. I want you all to participate in the decision-making processes “, thundered Conte to the grillini in a background reported by the Corriere della Sera. And again: “Today there was an episode that I did not like. It is true that it was Sunday, that our presence was not essential but we demonstrate our political strength with compactness. Those who love the M5S participate in the voting and decision-making processes compactly, expressing our line. “In addition to absences, the former premier must deal with a real betrayal: Alessandro Melicchio he voted with the opposition, leading Conte to believe he “disrespected us”.

Even if the new movement has not yet been defined, its new leader is keen to put some stakes denying the idea of ​​an online consultation of the base on the agreement because, he said, “it does not deserve a vote among the members”. In fact, Conte claims that “three quarters of the overall regulatory system is Bonafede-M5S”. Not only that, the former prime minister has no intention of carrying out political and government activities “if every time we have to go through the vote on the web“.

Words that have not lacked replies. The hardest one was Danilo Toninelli: “I believe that the vote of the members on justice would have been an element of strength and not of weakness – said the former minister -. I cross my fingers that this does not lead someone not to vote for him”. Yet the list of doubters is long and among the many it counts Antonella Papiro, Maria Elisabetta Barbuto, Paolo Ficara, Giovanni Vianello e Salvatore Micillo. In short, a nice grain is foreshadowed also for Mario Draghi and other ruling forces.

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