Vaccinated positive at Covid, the study: “The virus stops in the nose and only for a few days”

Vaccinated positive at Covid, the study: “The virus stops in the nose and only for a few days”
Vaccinated positive at Covid, the study: “The virus stops in the nose and only for a few days”

The Delta variant continues to worry the whole world. Even those who are vaccinated with a double dose because it can happen that they are still infected. But this in no way discredits the effectiveness of vaccines. According to some studies, in fact, if among those recovered from Covid the risk of reinfection is very low, for vaccinated people the probability of getting infected is about 12%. Numbers that thanks to the vaccine therefore remain very low and in any case in that case i symptoms are very mild.

According to the dossier of Centers for disease and control prevention quoted by the Washington Post, the Delta variant is contagious like chickenpox and vaccinated infections increase, but in the United States there are 35,000 out of 162 million, equal to 0.021%. The numbers are therefore also very low here.

From the ongoing studies it emerges the quality and duration of any rare infection in subjects vaccinated with two doses. An ongoing investigation atBambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome shows that out of 2,900 vaccinated about 40 became infected (1.5%). “We are observing that in this 1.5% of vaccinated the presence of the virus remains confined to the nose and nasopharynx (the back of the nose), while the lungs are free – explains Carlo Federico Perno, director of Microbiology and Virology to the Child Jesus interviewed by Corriere della Sera—. This happens because, after the vaccine, defenses against Sars-CoV-2 are already present in the lungs, while not in the nose. But the immune reaction, in the vaccinated, is very rapid even in the nose: within a short time the defenses arrive and within 2-3 days they are able to break down the viral load until the virus is eliminated ”.

“So – continues Pin – the vaccinated in rare cases can become infected and, in a further subgroup, have a high viral load, just like the unvaccinated. The difference is that, while an unvaccinated remains infected and therefore contagious for several days (and can become seriously ill), the vaccinated has only a short time (1-2, maximum 3 days) to transmit the infection and it is also very rare that you get sick with severe symptoms. This discovery completely changes the foundations of the debate on vaccinated and not “.

“The perception that we have is that vaccinated subjects have a faster negativization than unvaccinated and this could indicate that the period of contagiousness is shorter – he adds Massimo Andreoni, director of Infectious Disease at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome -. The vaccinated tends to get sick less than Covid and we know that a patient tends to be contagious longer than a subject who simply becomes infected, like a vaccinated who can become infected but does not develop serious disease “.

As for the viral load of the vaccinated, continues the expert, “it is necessary to see what is the time in which it is determined, so the viral load of the first days after infection can be equal to a non-vaccinated, but then the vaccinated tends to reduce the viral load more rapidly than the other “. This, concludes Andreoni, “It is however a subject that will have to be further investigated”.

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