The white semester and that extreme scenario: here’s what can happen

The white semester and that extreme scenario: here’s what can happen
The white semester and that extreme scenario: here’s what can happen

From tomorrow, Tuesday 3 August, the white semester: until February it will not be possible to dissolve the Chambers to call new elections. The window of a possible early vote will therefore be postponed to the beginning of 2022, when the new President of the Republic will be crowned. But what is the white semester? On paper, it is a move introduced during the work of the Constituent Assembly to prevent the head of state from using the power of dissolution of Parliament to secure re-election. From a political point of view it represents the embankment to avoid a government crisis and at the same time continue to raise tensions between the majority parties. But beware: actually the president Sergio Mattarella he still has the ultimate weapon that he could use in the most extreme case.

What happens in the white semester?

In essence, the various political formations that support the executive (in this case led by Mario Draghi) will be able to play a game of cross vetoes, poison words and threats with the certainty that the Chambers cannot be dissolved. Without the threat of new consultations at the national level, the parties will be able to feel free to compose new majorities as they wish or to put a new premier in Palazzo Chigi.

However, a clarification must be made: this possibility would have been interesting if the government still existed Giuseppe Conte, whose relations with Matteo Renzi and Italia Viva were by no means stable. Now, however, Draghi is at the helm of the executive and must be considered an issue of absolute importance: it will be necessary to respect the requirements and times to access the money from the Recovery Fund. It will now be up to the political groups to decide what attitude to adopt in these six months of bubble.

Just yesterday sources of the League have assured, exclusively to, that the tones will inevitably rise: “The attacks between the parties will increase in the coming weeks considering that we have now practically entered the white semester. We will give it a good reason“.

The final weapon in the white semester

In this direction it should be noted that however there is a final weapon that the President of the Republic could use if the most extreme scenario occurs. If the tensions in the majority were exacerbated and the crisis become a system without remedy, Mattarella would have only two options: keep the resigning government in office for ordinary administration or “threaten” (and then put into practice) resignation anticipated. At that point, the Corriere della Sera, “the dissolution of the Chambers would depend on his successor“.

In recent months Mattarella had quoted a passage from Antonio Segni, fourth head of state in Italy, which emphasized the opportunity to introduce the “non-re-eligibility” of the President of the Republic in the Constitution: “On that occasion Segni defined ‘the period of seven years sufficient to guarantee continuity in the action of the State’. Furthermore, he added, ‘the proposed modification is also valid to eliminate any suspicion, even if unjust, that some act of the Head of State is carried out in order to favor his re-election’“.


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