M5s, the first day of voting for the new Statute on Skyvote closed. Conte targeted by an anomalous social media campaign

Overcome the obstacle of the negotiation on justice reform, which left a trail of tension in the Movement, the procedures began at 10 on Monday morning Mark for the new associative statute of the M5s. The National Assembly of Members spoke on the new platform Skyvote until 10pm on Monday and will do it again from 10am to 10pm on Tuesday. Once the statutory obligations have been fulfilled, the Movement will be ready for the election of the new president, the former premier Giuseppe Conte, which has overcome the suspicions of the guarantor Beppe Grillo, who will retain his powers albeit with a clear separation from those of the leader.

At 12.30 on Monday over 12 thousand votes
Members of the M5s can vote with identity certified for at least six months, therefore before February 2, 2021. The regent Vito Crimi he let it be known that at 12.30 on Monday they were over 12mil the members who have expressed the vote. Last February, in the latest vote on Rousseau platform always called for statutory changes (at the time for the introduction of the Steering Committee in place of the political leader) were expressed 11,514 preferences by the entitled parties (on a basis of over 100 thousand subscribers). The text – published on the site https://www.movimento5stelle.eu/ – after all took a definitive form in mid-July, after weeks in which the rupture between the leader in pectore and the guarantor had come close. The former prime minister hopes to exceed the required quorum already in the first round (at least the absolute majority of subscribers), a goal that has never been reached so far. Otherwise, on second call (from 10 to 22 of August 5th and 6th) it will be enough to obtain the majority of the votes, whatever the number of participants.

The social campaign against Conte
On the first day of voting, go on Twitter an avalanche of criticisms and of insults against Conte: the former premier was targeted with the hashtag ConteServoDelSistema and the words “CON-TE NEVER”, used in more than 50mila tweet. A set of negative comments, with very similar contents, which have had one scope it’s a’eco anomalous: clues that would suggest one lightning storm artificial that creates a chain post against Conte. 5 star sources, cited by Republic, speak of a campaign organized ad hoc by groups close to the League Oh yes ex pentastellate.

How the Statute changes
In this new version of the Statute and Charter of Values, the 5 stars of the Movement also change. From water, environment, transport, connectivity and development, if the base gives the green light, they will become Common goods, Integral ecology, Social justice, Technological innovation ed Market eco-social economy. The ecological transition, on the other hand, enters directly into the new symbol, through the wording 2050 which stands out under the inscription 5 Star Movement, symbolizing the date symbol for the achievement of climate neutrality.

The new statute consists of twenty five articles, collected in 39 pages. Expected a ensures it’s a President, new local groups that will replace the meet up it’s a “clause” for those elected in the event of expulsion. The guarantor is defined “Keeper” of the “fundamental values ​​of political action” of the M5s which “has the power of authentic, non-questionable interpretation of the rules” of the statute. The guarantee figure is elected “through consultation on the Net”, from a shortlist of candidates “not less than 3”, which the Guarantee Committee indicates among “figures who have distinguished themselves for the decisive contribution to the history and political action ”of the M5s. His office is a “Indefinite period” but “it can be revoked, at any time, on a proposal approved by Guarantee Committee all’unanimity and ratified by a consultation on the net of members, provided that the absolute majority “of those entitled to vote takes part in the vote. The Guarantee Committee will consist of three members, elected with a consultation on the Net, “within a shortlist of at least six names proposed by the Guarantor among elected and formerly elected in compliance with the principles of protection of minorities and of gender representativeness “.

The president is “thesole owner and responsible for determining and implementing thepolitical address “, “Directs and coordinates relations with other political forces or political movements ”, has the responsibility“ for the use of the symbol of the 5 Star Movement, also for all activities related to electoral rounds “. His election takes place “through consultation on the Net”, he remains in office for 4 years and is eligible for no more than two terms consecutive. Could be disheartened “By resolution passed onunanimity by the members of the Guarantee Committee and / or by Ensures, ratified by an online consultation of members ”.

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