Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV takes shape – Mondo Auto

Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV takes shape – Mondo Auto
Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV takes shape – Mondo Auto

The 296 GTB marked an important step in the evolution of the Prancing Horse range, bringing the V6 back to the Maranello line-up and introducing a new electrified solution that looks to the future. Future that will also have as its protagonist the Ferrari Thoroughbred, the first SUV of the Modenese car manufacturer, a fundamental model for the evolution of the brand that will in fact insert the Cavallino in a segment never explored before. The evolution of the first high-wheeled Red continues, with various hypotheses circulating on the web regarding the design and forklifts based on Maserati Levante that continue the road test work.

The roofline should be sloping, with a low center of gravity and a more crossover than pure SUV look. From Maranello the reserve is total but with Ferrari Purosangue which should make its debut on the market by the end of 2022 it is reasonable to expect that in the coming months there will finally be official information on the first SUV of the Cavallino. An SUV that will be declined with different fractionation solutions, with the engine placed in a central position that should resume the setting already seen on the Ferrari Roma from which it will presumably also borrow some stylistic solutions, in particular the optical signature (a forklift with these characteristics was spotted in Germany several months ago).

The platform on which the latest 2+ from Maranello was developed is the same on which Purosangue will be born, which is a more performing version that should mount the V12 with a power exceeding 800 hp, a choice also dictated by the desire to excel over the Lamborghini Urus, the first great rival in the super SUV segment. It is also possible that the Cavallino offers a version with the 3.9-liter V8, with or without hybridization. If the setting of the SF90 Stradale is chosen, it is easy to think that the powertrain will be reduced, remaining on the 620 HP to which the power boost of the electric unit would be added. The range is also expected to include the new hybrid V6, brought to its debut by the 296 GTB, with the latter representing the entry level in the Ferrari Purosangue offering. All-wheel drive it should be ensured on all versions, although a front-wheel drive variant cannot be ruled out. Very little is known about the interior. According to some rumors they should offer comfort and a setting less focused on the driver alone, while maintaining a setting similar to that of the SF90 Stradale, with the presence of the new multifunction steering wheel and the digital instrument panel. Finally, the price: it is possible that the new Ferrari Purosangue will be offered starting from 200,000 euros, with a delta of around 30-40,000 euros between the version with the V6 and the one with the V12.



Ferrari Purosangue SUV takes shape Mondo Auto

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