Injuries and Covid, Vanessa Ferrari now gets rid of all suffering: They broke me

Injuries and Covid, Vanessa Ferrari now gets rid of all suffering: They broke me
Injuries and Covid, Vanessa Ferrari now gets rid of all suffering: They broke me

Vanessa Ferrari has earned a place in history by winning the silver medal in the free body final at the Tokyo Olympics. La Farfalla di Orzinuovi excited everyone dancing to the notes of “Con te partirò” but his path was full of pitfalls and injuries that tried to slow down his career: this super athlete born in 1990 never gave up and crowned his dream.

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Vanessa Ferrari she didn’t need the Olympic medal to be considered the best Italian gymnast in history but at Tokyo 2020 Olympics she fulfilled her dream and in the free body final she won the silver with a practically perfect exercise. There Butterfly of Orzinuovi thrilled everyone by dancing to the notes of “I’ll leave with you”, enchanting Tokyo’s Ariake Gymnastics Center with a wonderful performance. Her final score was 14,200 and only the American did better than her Jade Carey, while the bronze medal went to the Japanese Murakami and Russian Melnikova.

After the unfortunate fourth places at the 2012 London Games and Rio de Janiro 2016, Vanessa performed fifth and her performance was of an extraordinary cleanliness and grace: after the many negative events that tried to make the path more difficult, Ferrari shrugged off everything and took its place on the Olympic podium in style. That of this girl of 1990 was not an easy path, full of pitfalls and bad luck, and many injuries that tried to slow down her career: Vanessa had to undergo five surgeries and had to overcome between the rupture of the tendon d ‘ Achilles, to the two ankles, even before the fracture to the scaphoid bone of the foot and finally the Covid that hit her in March of this year. It stood still 600 days between these Games and the last ones but never gave up.

A reassembled tendon, bunions on the feet and Covid did not stop her and she herself commented on her victory on social media: “I tried several times and fate seemed like a hoax, the injuries that broke me. But I wanted once again the chance to play my cards again and I didn’t fail! It’s history, a medal that makes history! are the OLIMPIADIIIII. Italy there is magic in the air can you hear it? “

Vanessa Ferrrai today rewrote the history of the discipline, since for Italy it is the first Olympic medal in gymnastics since Amsterdam 1928. “There is magic in the air, do you feel it?”.


Injuries Covid Vanessa Ferrari rid suffering broke

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