Convergenze: new HOVIO app to configure a landline number on your smartphone –

Convergenze: new HOVIO app to configure a landline number on your smartphone –
Convergenze: new HOVIO app to configure a landline number on your smartphone –

Convergences , a company operating in the telecommunications and 100% green energy sector, has developed a new app, called “HOVIO”(I have Voce su Internet Everywhere), with which you can configure a landline number on your mobile phone and communicate via your smartphone’s internet network or WiFi connection.

After the patented EVO (Electric Vehicle Only) project, born from the idea of ​​encouraging eco-sustainable mobility, the launch of the aforementioned application intends to be adevelopment opportunities for the Convergenze business unit dedicated to telecommunications.

HOVIO, in fact, it was born with the aim of allowing the maintenance of remote contacts with collaborators and customers, through a flexible management of the company or personal telephone line, favoring smartworking and travel in Italy and abroad.

The new application is the second developed by Convergenze, after the corporate one for managing the company’s services directly online, and is added to the range of VoIP voice services (Voice via Internet Protocol), which exploit a technology for the transformation of the voice into a digital signal, then sent over the network in the form of data packets.

Rosario Pingaro, Chief Executive Officer and President of Convergenze

These are the words of Rosario Pingaro, Chief Executive Officer and President of Convergenze:

In a context of work and life that is less and less tied to the physical place of the office and home, but characterized by extreme flexibility and continuous change, being able to have at hand, on your mobile phone, the fixed number of home and the interior of the office, without infrastructure investments by the employer, is absolutely useful.

HOVIO makes it possible to combine freedom of movement and traceability, allowing users to maintain their personal and work contacts in any place where there is an internet connection. Convergenze’s research and development team has always developed smart and easy-to-use technological solutions that improve daily life thanks to innovations in services, and we are sure that HOVIO is one of them.

HOVIO is the first app developed by Convergenze as a OTT (Over The Top), i.e. a provider of content and services distributed via internet connection, and is designed as a “open” service, that is, accessible to everyone, not just Convergenze customers.

Precisely for this the app is free download on all iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, with the support of the dedicated web page, the user can create a new landline number, with the geographic prefix of the district to which they belong, directly on the mobile phone, or, alternatively, they can configure their home or office number.

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