passenger threatens women and with stroller on the bus in Piazza Risorgimento

passenger threatens women and with stroller on the bus in Piazza Risorgimento
passenger threatens women and with stroller on the bus in Piazza Risorgimento

A scary Saturday night. In the sights of a young man, a woman with her baby in a stroller threatened with a bottle. Moments of apprehension at the terminus of the Atac bus line 32 from Piazza del Risorgimento in Prati. The driver on duty of the public transport that arrives from Saxa Rubra a stone’s throw from the Vatican tells the story of what happened. Threats confirmed in RomaToday by the Rome Police Headquarters, with the policemen who then stopped the agitated after he tried to get away from the stop.

It was 8:40 pm on a Saturday night – explains the autoferrotranviere asking for anonymity -. While I was waiting to leave I heard a woman with a stroller and a child scream asking for help as one of the people on the bus began to threaten the passengers by brandishing a bottle while with one hand in his pocket he claimed he had a knife and wanted to kill everyone“.

Call for help that found the driver’s reaction. “Got on the bus – says the worker Atac again – I made sure that the agitated would take it out on me by attracting his attention “. The driver managed to get him out of the public transport and then requested the intervention of the police. “Once on the bus, I enter the cabin and close the doors to protect the passengers, but the man, apparently South American, attacks me and threatens me with death“.

However, the driver is unable to secure himself “in when the attacker blocked the door threatening me with death. I shield myself with one leg and find the help of an elderly gentleman who distracts him from outside the public transport “. Human intervention through which the driver manages to close the doors and secure the passengers.

The agitated continues with his aggressive attitude breaking the bottle he was holding on the sidewalk. Upon arrival of the police, the attempted escape in the direction of via Crescenzio where the young man was then blocked by the agents of the Trevi Commissariat who then reported him on foot for resistance and interruption of public service.

None of the passengers got hurt – concludes the driver of the 32 -. I thank the police and the gentleman who helped me to close the doors of the bus. I hope that the Municipality will renew the expiring contract for us, because in spite of everything we put love for our work and we always try to do it in the best possible way even in the face of these situations.“.


passenger threatens women stroller bus Piazza Risorgimento

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