Movida, Sala: stop to take away alcohol after midnight in via Lecco and via Melzo [VIDEO]

Movida, Sala: stop to take away alcohol after midnight in via Lecco and via Melzo [VIDEO]
Movida, Sala: stop to take away alcohol after midnight in via Lecco and via Melzo [VIDEO]

The Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of actions in favor of the youngest in the areas of nightlife has been signed today in the Prefecture. The main objective is to implement innovative actions to promote a healthy and respectful model of youth nightlife, to guarantee both residents and users safer contexts and to encourage responsible behavior, limiting large gatherings and excesses of noise.
The Protocol was agreed as part of the collaboration activated by the Prefecture of Milan between the Municipality of Milan, Ats of the Metropolitan City of Milan, University of Milan Bicocca and the entities managing the entertainment venues, together with Epam (Milanese Provincial Public Association Esercizi Confesercenti Milan) and the Italian Subsidiary Security Association.
The aims of the agreement are the promotion of a culture of healthy fun, which is distinguished from the abuse of alcohol and the consumption of drugs, also thanks to an activation of growing leadership of young people in the animation of places and creative fun styles, with the commitment of the establishments present in the nightlife areas for the use of subsidiary surveillance officers with suitable qualifications with tasks of observation, prevention, dissuasion and possible reporting to the police, it being understood that no direct intervention action.
“Having fun in a healthy, safe way and with respect for everyone, without taking anything away from the happiness and beauty of Milanese evenings is possible, you just need to want to – says the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala –. It is in everyone’s interest, for those who love to have fun and for those who offer opportunities for fun in the first place, to make sure that the areas of the city most frequented in the evening are safe, clean and guarantee everyone, those who live there and those who find themselves there, better livability. For this reason we have decided, in agreement with the institutions and city associations, a series of interventions to promote respectful behavior and control that may have taken especially on the youngest, so that their desire to live and be together is expressed in a responsible manner. , respecting their health and a healthy coexistence with the rest of the city. Milan is a modern metropolis that works, and the Milanese have the necessary civic culture so that everyone can fully experience it, enjoying its beauty and having regard for others and for the environment that surrounds us. There is an area that we believe at the moment more critical than others, which is the one around via Melzo and via Lecco on which we will also act on the take-away. In particular, there will be a theme of prohibition there for the take away totally after midnight to 6 from the beginning of September“, Sala specified.

The premium areas affected by the Protocol are Duomo-Mercanti, Corso Garibaldi-Corso Como-via Monte Grappa, Darsena-Navigli, Brera, Colonne di San Lorenzo, piazzale Archinto, Lazzaretto district-via Lecco-via Melzo, Arco della Pace, Isola district, piazza Minniti-via Borsieri , NoLo and via Tortona.
The Municipality of Milan, in particular, is working on the first actions aimed at improving the living conditions in the nightlife areas through collaboration with third sector entities, organizations, non-profit associations. In fact, a notice will be published for the disbursement of contributions in favor of subjects for the realization of educational projects for a total amount of 100 thousand euros, up to a maximum of 9 thousand euros per project. With another similar public notice, Associations, Bodies and Institutions representative of the traders and managers of the public establishments of the areas will be identified, called to present projects and initiatives to favor the orderly management of the stalls areas and of the external areas immediately pertinent to the premises, promoting virtuous synergies with the local police and law enforcement in case of need.
Also in this case, the total amount is 100 thousand euros (with maximum amounts calculated for each area in relation to the number of active public establishments), and the reference period will be 10 September-31 October.

During the presentation of the protocol he also intervened the prefect of Milan Renato Saccone: “We must protect the quality of life of the residents with healthy entertainment, useful for the sociality and economy of the city. Because nightlife can become bad nightlife, but a lived city is also a safer city ”.

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