Zaia and the 7 o’clock post with a glass of wine: likes, jokes and comments

Zaia and the 7 o’clock post with a glass of wine: likes, jokes and comments
Zaia and the 7 o’clock post with a glass of wine: likes, jokes and comments

“Health!”. New material for Crozza coming soon. But also wild social networks, followers, new connoisseurs of traditions and improvised censors of the vices of others. 7 am on Sunday 1st August: Governor Luca Zaia posted a photo on Facebook with a glass of white in his hand: «A shade of white as soon as you get up». And away to go. Smiles and vineyard behind. 7 pm: two thousand comments, more than 3300 shares. Of photos and posts: already because the unusual alcoholic breakfast is soon explained by the governor himself.

The photo posted on Luca Zaia’s Facebook profile
The governor’s explanation

«A popular Venetian tradition suggests on 1 August to drink a glass of white wine as soon as you get up, on an empty stomach, because according to our grandparents it helps to protect themselves from snake bites and “summer fever” – explains Zaia – There is also a legend according to which the queen of Hungary fell ill with malarial fever on the journey from Venice to Padua when he crossed the countryside on the outskirts of Treviso, at the time swamps and lands not yet reclaimed. Despite the care of some nuns, the fever continued to rise causing fear for her life ». The governor continues as a Sunday storyteller in the family: “On the morning of August 1 of an uncertain date, when all hope was now lost, the abbess of the convent decided to risk everything and poured a jug of must of fermented white wine, which he made the Queen drink to the last drop by now on the verge of death. In fact, the fever disappeared, and since then the legend remains of drinking a white “goto” (without exaggerating) to protect one’s health and ward off ailments, on 1 August ». Soon explained, therefore, the reason for the toast with a smile at dawn.

Jokes, suggestions, debates

It is a pity, however, that the “historical” explanation has not held back jokes, judgments and shared messages. “Dear President, don’t you think you’re sending at least a questionable message? It seems to me that in Veneto there are already enough drunkards »asks a user,« getting »a flood of reactions to silence her. “Well, here we go from scientific treatments to tarallucci and wine, huh?” adds another Internet user early in the morning, followed by Sara who points out (in dialect) “if we attach ourselves to the bottle at 7 in the morning, we are in the hospital in the evening”. The saga continues with applause, «Viva Zaia», traditions of grandparents and choral justifications: «We are Venetian and we respect the tractions», «There are elderly people already at the bar early in the morning and every day and they are very well». And there is no shortage of suggestions: «Wine alone? no, even better a shot »,« Guys, watch out for the alcohol test ». It is now evening, but we are still discussing wine, with the photo of Zaia smiling next to the Venetian vineyards.

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Zaia oclock post glass wine likes jokes comments

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