Never give up. The best Italy suffers and flies – Comment

Never give up. The best Italy suffers and flies – Comment
Never give up. The best Italy suffers and flies – Comment

I was there. And it was like being next to Neil Armstrong that night on the moon. I was there, but basically we were all there, we Italians, here in the heart of Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

For an apotheosis that is not only sporty, why the gold medals from Gimbo Tamberi in the high jump and Marcellin’s bread and wine Jacobs on the legendary 100 meters, well, they go beyond the simple, albeit enormous !, statistical data.

Oh yes. In the double enterprise (gained in most incredible five minutes of my life as a voyeur reporter!) there is the spirit of a people. And I am sincerely sorry for the detractors in effective permanent service, for those who always have to turn their noses upside down, because in short, in reality nothing is ever good …

No, instead. Marcellino Jacobs, Usain Bolt’s heir, was raised by a mother who was left alone, also to fight the prejudice against that Italian son with slightly darker skin. And Gimbo Tamberi pulled himself out of the hole in the depression, in which he had sunk five years ago, when a terrible injury stopped him on the eve of the Olympics in Rio, which he would face as a favorite.

Now tell me, tell me that I have had the privilege of being a witness to one of the greatest nights in the history of our sport, tell me, isn’t this Italy truly the best?

One Country that never dies. That does not give up. Who endures the worst and finds the strength to pursue it Great Beauty.

I know I know. It will not be two gold medals in athletics that will change our lives, just as the Euro triumph of Italy in Mancini. We will continue to divide on everything, we will always have different ideas about the pandemic and we will speak ill of us, among us.

But we are also the country of Tamberi and Jacobs, normal heroes for those who want to believe in the value of example.

We were all there, in those crazy five minutes inside the Tokyo stadium. It wasn’t empty, no.

It was all there the best Italy.

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