the Government towards the new decree

the Government towards the new decree
the Government towards the new decree

New restrictions to stem the increase in infections during the month of August. The Government is evaluating the possibility of applying “targeted” rules for tourist regions. A Council of Ministers is scheduled for next 4 August in which both the School Plan and the obligation of a Green Pass will be discussed also for long-distance transport, but it is not excluded that the debate will also be extended to the new measures.

Mini red zones and restrictions: the hypotheses

Among the ideas on the executive table is the possibility of establishing mini red zones in the event of coronavirus outbreaks, in addition to the restrictions localized in the territories of the tourist regions, such as the mandatory distance of ten meters between the umbrellas or the mask outside. ‘opened, which in Campania has been extended. Among other hypotheses there is the extension of the obligation of the Green pass, even if the debate within the majority on this topic remains very heated. in September it remains a complicated possibility at the moment. With 85% of the professors immunized or awaiting the recall, it is likely that the government will decide to wait for the data for the second half of August to take any drastic decisions. Another issue is that of the compulsory vaccine for some professional categories.

Locatelli pushes on vaccines

Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS technical-scientific committee, also returned to the topic of vaccines: ” Only 12% of vaccinated people become infected and in turn can infect ”. ” As also stated by the virologist Anthony Fauci, there is a limited percentage (from the Italian data the estimate is 12%) of fully immunized subjects who can become infected, almost always without developing disease, and infect – explained the expert to Corriere della Sera – To what extent they do so in comparison to the unvaccinated deserves further studies, in particular aimed at defining the viral load in their airways, nose and throat. Together with the exposure time this represents the determining factor for the infection. This is a rare event and even more rare is the possibility that a vaccinated person, even if infected, ends up in hospital. The protection from severe forms of the disease is greater than 95% and contributes to significantly reduce viral circulation, with the danger of new variants emerging “.

Regions that risk the yellow zone

With the new parameters for the color change, the regions that exceed the threshold of 10% of occupancy of beds in intensive care and 15% in ordinary wards pass from the white to the yellow zone. As confirmed by the data of the latest ISS monitoring, those that risk finding themselves in yellow again in the next few weeks are Sicily (already 8% for ordinary hospitalizations and 4.7% intensive), Lazio (3.7% in intensive ) and Sardinia (4.2% intensive).

The increase in infections recorded in July mainly concerns males under 40, and could be attributable both to the celebrations for the victory at the Europeans, and to the summer holidays. Not surprisingly, among the areas where the greatest infections are recorded are those of vacation, such as Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia.


Government decree

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