“Salvini decides” – Time

“Salvini decides” – Time
“Salvini decides” – Time

Giancarlo Giorgetti clears the background of these days on the hypothesis of no longer running, and does so without discounts. “The secretary decides”, namely Matteo Salvini. The speech comes after the background of Il Foglio that the League minister wanted on the farewell step, and is contained in an interview that the owner of Economic Development gave to Prealpina.

Giorgetti, in an interview with the Varese newspaper on the hypothesis of not reapplying, underlines: “these things in the League are decided by the secretary”. To a specific question about the indiscretions in this sense published by Il Foglio, the Minister of Productive Activities: “you must ask the Foglio not me. In the sense: I often and willingly see things attributed to me in many newspapers”. This is not a denial in the strict sense, but Giorgetti explains: “When I do an interview I do it, when I don’t do it I don’t. I never deny the background. These things in the League are decided by the secretary and not the undersecretaries. “. In short, speech closed.

The bomb dropped by the Roman newspaper had made Salvini go into a rage on Saturday 31 July, interviewed by Concita De Gregorio at In Onda on La7. “If il Foglio writes a *** do we have to stay here talking about the shit written by” Foglio? “, He said in connection with the Fetsa of the Lega di Milano Marittima, labeling the alleged stomach ache of the Minister of Giorgetti production activities.

Returning to Giorgetti’s interview, the minister said that in order to face the changes in the world of work “we need to reform the social safety nets and also the active labor policies to ensure that those who leave certain sectors can experiment in the new areas that will come. to affirm “. “We have a season – he explains – in which the economic system of production is completely changing. All this tension towards digital and the environment inevitably requires restructuring in certain sectors such as the automotive sector. The government is, so to speak, responsible to manage the transformation and limit the damage “. Hence the need for reforms. “Making active labor policies – adds the minister – means being able to reform and retrain workers who will unfortunately be expelled in certain sectors, I am thinking of refineries for example, which will inevitably have to close. A process that cannot be stopped”, Giorgetti said.

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