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discounts up to 2 thousand euros with scrapping

discounts up to 2 thousand euros with scrapping
discounts up to 2 thousand euros with scrapping

Cars, the incentives start again. Gives Monday 2 August the platform of the Ministry of Economic Development will be active again to book the eco-bonus for the purchase of low-emission vehicles, as required by the law converting the Sostegni bis decree.

350 million have been allocated to replenish the automotive fund and try to give a boost not only to the renewal of the car fleet, but to the entire sector, particularly affected by the crisis in Italy. From 2 August at 10 it will therefore be possible to book on the platform incentives for the purchase of new vehicles a low emissions up to 135 g / km of CO2, with and without scrapping, while from August 5th, concessions for commercial and special vehicles may be requested.

The bonus can be booked online and will be used for the purchase of new vehicles with emissions up to 135 g / km of CO2. For cars between 61 and 135 g / km, which also include new generation petrol and diesel, the contribution, exclusively with scrapping, is 1,500 euros.

For even greener vehicles, with CO2 emissions between 0 and 60 g / km CO2, the contribution amounts to 2,000 euros with scrapping and 1,000 without.

Car lists, + 2.8% the prices of new cars in the first six months of 2021. Also used cars are on the rise

Compared to the past, however, the main novelty concerns the allocation of 40 million euros dedicated to used cars, petrol or diesel, of a class of not less than Euro 6 and emissions up to 160 g / km. To access this incentive, which is not yet operational and for which some technical changes to the platform are required, it will be necessary to scrap a car registered for at least 10 years.



discounts thousand euros scrapping

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