Jacobs, at the play with Tamberi we said ‘imagine if …’ – Tokyo 2020 Olympics

On the eve of the most important competition of their lives, Marcell Jacobs and Gianmarco Tamberi tried to ease their nervousness with video games, and in their evening chat the idea of ​​Olympic gold was set aside among impossible thoughts.
“It’s incredible. Last night we were playing on the playstation in my room with Gianmarco, and we said: ‘Imagine if we win? Nooo … It’s impossible, don’t think about it.’ And tonight I saw him win five minutes before me, I said: ‘I can do it’ – said Jacobs in the mixed zone at the Tokyo stadium where he became Olympic champion of the 100 meters -. two Olympic champions “.
Speaking of his season in which he never dropped below 10 seconds, the Italian sprinter explained that he “created an excellent team around me, I worked a lot psychologically.
Because before, when the important moments came, my legs didn’t turn well. Now my legs respond well at the right time. Thanks to my team. In training we changed the start, but above all we worked mentally. Even with good nutrition, physiotherapists … “.



Jacobs play Tamberi imagine Tokyo Olympics

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